ComfyUI Custom Extensions


ComfyUI-Manager itself is also a custom node.

AnimateDiff Evolved

A forked repository that actively maintains [a/AnimateDiff](, created by ArtVentureX. Improved AnimateDiff integration for ComfyUI, adapts from sd-webui-animatediff. [w/Download one or more motion models from [a/Original Models]( | [a/Finetuned Models]( See README for additional model links and usage. Put the model weights under %%ComfyUI/custom_nodes/ComfyUI-AnimateDiff-Evolved/models%%. You are free to rename the models, but keeping original names will ease use when sharing your workflow.]


ComfyUI reference implementation for IPAdapter models. The code is mostly taken from the original IPAdapter repository and laksjdjf's implementation, all credit goes to them. I just made the extension closer to ComfyUI philosophy.


ComfyUI Portrait Master 简体中文版.

Stable Diffusion Dynamic Thresholding (CFG Scale Fix)

Extension for StableSwarmUI, ComfyUI, and AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion WebUI that enables a way to use higher CFG Scales without color issues. This works by clamping latents between steps.

ComfyUI Impact Pack

This extension offers various detector nodes and detailer nodes that allow you to configure a workflow that automatically enhances facial details. And provide iterative upscaler. [w/NOTE:'Segs & Mask' has been renamed to 'ImpactSegsAndMask.' Please replace the node with the new name.]


This extension provides: Auto Arrange Graph, Workflow SVG, Favicon Status, Image Feed, Latent Upscale By, Lock Nodes & Groups, Lora Subfolders, Preset Text, Show Text, Touch Support, Link Render Mode, Locking, Node Finder, Quick Nodes, Show Image On Menu, Show Text, Workflow Managements, Custom Widget Default Values

ComfyUI's ControlNet Auxiliary Preprocessors

This is a rework of comfyui_controlnet_preprocessors based on ControlNet auxiliary models by 🤗. I think the old repo isn't good enough to maintain. All old workflow will still be work with this repo but the version option won't do anything. Almost all v1 preprocessors are replaced by v1.1 except those doesn't appear in v1.1. [w/NOTE: Please refrain from using the controlnet preprocessor alongside this installation, as it may lead to conflicts and prevent proper recognition.]

WAS Node Suite

A node suite for ComfyUI with many new nodes, such as image processing, text processing, and more.


Custom nodes for easier use of SDXL in ComfyUI including an img2img workflow that utilizes both the base and refiner checkpoints.


Unofficial implementation of [a/InstantID]( for ComfyUI

ReActor Node for ComfyUI

The Fast and Simple 'roop-like' Face Swap Extension Node for ComfyUI, based on ReActor (ex Roop-GE) SD-WebUI Face Swap Extension


ComfyUI Portrait Master. A node designed to help AI image creators to generate prompts for human portraits.


AnimateDiff integration for ComfyUI, adapts from sd-webui-animatediff. [w/You only need to download one of [a/mm_sd_v14.ckpt]( | [a/mm_sd_v15.ckpt]( Put the model weights under %%ComfyUI/custom_nodes/comfyui-animatediff/models%%. DO NOT change model filename.]

One Button Prompt

One Button Prompt has a prompt generation node for beginners who have problems writing a good prompt, or advanced users who want to get inspired. It generates an entire prompt from scratch. It is random, but controlled. You simply load up the script and press generate, and let it surprise you.


It provides language settings. (Contribution from users of various languages is needed due to the support for each language.)


3D, ScreenShareNode & FloatingVideoNode, SpeechRecognition & SpeechSynthesis, GPT, LoadImagesFromLocal, Layers, Other Nodes, ...

SDXL Prompt Styler

SDXL Prompt Styler is a node that enables you to style prompts based on predefined templates stored in a JSON file.


ComfyUI nodes for the Ultimate Stable Diffusion Upscale script by Coyote-A.

ComfyUI Workspace Manager - Comfyspace

A ComfyUI custom node for project management to centralize the management of all your workflows in one place. Seamlessly switch between workflows, create and update them within a single workspace, like Google Docs.


This node was created to send a webcam to ComfyUI in real time. This node is recommended for use with LCM.

ComfyUI Deploy

Open source comfyui deployment platform, a vercel for generative workflow infra.


Nodes: PoseNode, PainterNode, TranslateTextNode, TranslateCLIPTextEncodeNode, DeepTranslatorTextNode, DeepTranslatorCLIPTextEncodeNode, ArgosTranslateTextNode, ArgosTranslateCLIPTextEncodeNode, PreviewTextNode. NOTE: Due to the dynamic nature of node name definitions, ComfyUI-Manager cannot recognize the node list from this extension. The Missing nodes and Badge features are not available for this extension.

Efficiency Nodes for ComfyUI Version 2.0+

A collection of ComfyUI custom nodes to help streamline workflows and reduce total node count.[w/NOTE: This node is originally created by LucianoCirino, but the [a/original repository]( is no longer maintained and has been forked by a new maintainer. To use the forked version, you should uninstall the original version and **REINSTALL** this one.]

Steerable Motion

Steerable Motion is a ComfyUI node for batch creative interpolation. Our goal is to feature the best methods for steering motion with images as video models evolve.


Implementation of AutoGen inside ComfyUI. This repository is under development, and not everything is functioning correctly yet.

ComfyUI Browser

This is an image/video/workflow browser and manager for ComfyUI. You could add image/video/workflow to collections and load it to ComfyUI. You will be able to use your collections everywhere.

rgthree's ComfyUI Nodes

Nodes: Seed, Reroute, Context, Lora Loader Stack, Context Switch, Fast Muter. These custom nodes helps organize the building of complex workflows.

ComfyUI Cutoff

These custom nodes provides features that allow for better control over the effects of the text prompt.


Nodes: Download the weights of DragNUWA [a/drag_nuwa_svd.pth]( and put it to ComfyUI/models/checkpoints/drag_nuwa_svd.pth [w/Due to changes in the torch package and versions of many other packages, it may disrupt your installation environment.]

Latent Consistency Model for ComfyUI

This custom node implements a Latent Consistency Model sampler in ComfyUI. (LCM)


Custom nodes for SDXL and SD1.5 including Multi-ControlNet, LoRA, Aspect Ratio, Process Switches, and many more nodes. NOTE: Maintainer is changed to Suzie1 from RockOfFire. [w/Using an outdated version has resulted in reported issues with updates not being applied. Trying to reinstall the software is advised.]

Visual Area Conditioning / Latent composition

This tool provides custom nodes that allow visualization and configuration of area conditioning and latent composite.

segment anything

Based on GroundingDino and SAM, use semantic strings to segment any element in an image. The comfyui version of sd-webui-segment-anything.

MTB Nodes

NODES: Face Swap, Film Interpolation, Latent Lerp, Int To Number, Bounding Box, Crop, Uncrop, ImageBlur, Denoise, ImageCompare, RGV to HSV, HSV to RGB, Color Correct, Modulo, Deglaze Image, Smart Step, ...


Nodes: ControlNetLoaderAdvanced, DiffControlNetLoaderAdvanced, ScaledSoftControlNetWeights, SoftControlNetWeights, CustomControlNetWeights, SoftT2IAdapterWeights, CustomT2IAdapterWeights


Automate calculation depending on image sizes or something you want.

Tiled sampling for ComfyUI

This extension contains a tiled sampler for ComfyUI. It allows for denoising larger images by splitting it up into smaller tiles and denoising these. It tries to minimize any seams for showing up in the end result by gradually denoising all tiles one step at the time and randomizing tile positions for every step.


Scheduled prompts, scheduled float/int values and wave function nodes for animations and utility. compatable with [a/framesync]( and [a/keyframe-string-generator]( for audio synced animations in Comfyui.

ComfyUI Stable Video Diffusion

Easily use Stable Video Diffusion inside ComfyUI!

Marigold depth estimation in ComfyUI

This is a wrapper node for Marigold depth estimation: []( Currently using the same diffusers pipeline as in the original implementation, so in addition to the custom node, you need the model in diffusers format. NOTE: See details in repo to install.

ComfyUI Frame Interpolation

Nodes: KSampler Gradually Adding More Denoise (efficient)


Nodes: VHS_VideoCombine. Nodes related to video workflows

Masquerade Nodes

This is a node pack for ComfyUI, primarily dealing with masks.


This extension offers various pipe nodes, fullscreen image viewer based on node history, dynamic widgets, interface customization, and more.


ComfyUI custom nodes for inpainting/outpainting using the new latent consistency model (LCM)

Advanced CLIP Text Encode

Advanced CLIP Text Encode (if you need A1111 like prompt. you need this. But Cutoff node includes this feature, already.)

Use Everywhere (UE Nodes)

A set of nodes that allow data to be 'broadcast' to some or all unconnected inputs. Greatly reduces link spaghetti.

StyleAligned for ComfyUI

Implementation of the [a/StyleAligned]( paper for ComfyUI. This node allows you to apply a consistent style to all images in a batch; by default it will use the first image in the batch as the style reference, forcing all other images to be consistent with it.


A suite of tools for prompt management. Combining nodes helps the user sequence strings for prompts, also creating logical groupings if necessary. Individual nodes can be chained together in any order.


Using Gemini-pro & Gemini-pro-vision in ComfyUI.


Easily use Magic Animate within ComfyUI! [w/WARN: This extension requires 15GB disk space.]

ComfyUI WD 1.4 Tagger

A ComfyUI extension allowing the interrogation of booru tags from images.


An extensive node suite that enables ComfyUI to process 3D inputs (Mesh & UV Texture, etc) using cutting edge algorithms (3DGS, NeRF, etc.)


Nodes: Run python tools/ first to download weights automatically


Include nodes for sam + bpy operation, that allows workflow creations for generative 2d character rig.


With this suit, you can see the resources monitor, progress bar & time elapsed, metadata and compare between two images, compare between two JSONs, show any value to console/display, pipes, and more! This provides better nodes to load/save images, previews, etc, and see "hidden" data without loading a new workflow.

ComfyUI Inspire Pack

This extension provides various nodes to support Lora Block Weight and the Impact Pack. Provides many easily applicable regional features and applications for Variation Seed.


Preliminary use of SVD in ComfyUI. NOTE: Quick Implementation, Unstable. See details on repositories.

ComfyUI Noise

This extension contains 6 nodes for ComfyUI that allows for more control and flexibility over the noise.


Nodes: ColorBlend, ControlLoraSave, GetImageSize. NOTE: Control-LoRA recolor example uses these nodes.


Improved AnimateAnyone implementation that allows you to use the opse image sequence and reference image to generate stylized video. The current goal of this project is to achieve desired pose2video result with 1+FPS on GPUs that are equal to or better than RTX 3080!🚀 [w/The torch environment may be compromised due to version issues as some torch-related packages are being reinstalled.]


Extension for Automatic1111 and ComfyUI to automatically create masks for Background/Hair/Body/Face/Clothes in Img2Img


Nodes:RetainFace, FaceFusion, RatioMerge2Image, MaskMerge2Image, ReplaceBoxImg, ExpandMaskBox, FaceSkin, SkinRetouching, PortraitEnhancement, ...

DynamicPrompts Custom Nodes

Nodes: Random Prompts, Combinatorial Prompts, I'm Feeling Lucky, Magic Prompt, Jinja2 Templates. ComfyUI-DynamicPrompts is a custom nodes library that integrates into your existing ComfyUI Library. It provides nodes that enable the use of Dynamic Prompts in your ComfyUI.

Allor Plugin

Allor is a plugin for ComfyUI with an emphasis on transparency and performance. [w/NOTE: If you do not disable the default node override feature in the settings, the built-in nodes, namely ImageScale and ImageScaleBy nodes, will be disabled. (ref: [a/Configutation](]


A collection of post processing nodes for ComfyUI, simply download this repo and drag.


A set of custom nodes to perform image 2 image functions in ComfyUI.


Nodes: ModelSamplerTonemapNoiseTest, TonemapNoiseWithRescaleCFG, ReferenceOnlySimple, RescaleClassifierFreeGuidanceTest, ModelMergeBlockNumber, ModelMergeSDXL, ModelMergeSDXLTransformers, ModelMergeSDXLDetailedTransformers.[w/NOTE: This is a consolidation of the previously separate custom nodes. Please delete the,,,, and files installed in custom_nodes before.]

ComfyUI Neural network latent upscale custom node

A custom ComfyUI node designed for rapid latent upscaling using a compact neural network, eliminating the need for VAE-based decoding and encoding.

Canvas Tab

This extension provides a full page image editor with mask support. There are two nodes, one to receive images from the editor and one to send images to the editor.

ComfyUI Nodes for External Tooling

Nodes: Load Image (Base64), Load Mask (Base64), Send Image (WebSocket), Crop Image, Apply Mask to Image. Provides nodes geared towards using ComfyUI as a backend for external tools. NOTE: This extension is necessary when using an external tool like [comfyui-capture-inference](


A suite of custom nodes for ConfyUI that includes GPT text-prompt generation, LoadVideo,SaveVideo,LoadFramesFromFolder and FrameInterpolator

OpenPose Editor

A port of the openpose-editor extension for stable-diffusion-webui. NOTE: Requires [a/this ComfyUI patch]( to work correctly


Prompt Visualization | Art Gallery [w/WARN: Installation requires 2GB of space, and it will involve a long download time.]


Custom node to convert the lantents between SDXL and SD v1.5 directly without the VAE decoding/encoding step.


ComfyUI node version of the SD Prompt Reader.


Run ComfyUI workflows on multiple local GPUs/networked machines. Nodes: Remote images, Local Remote control


Nodes: Download the weights of MotionCtrl [a/motionctrl.pth]( and put it to ComfyUI/models/checkpoints

ComfyUI MotionDiff

Implementation of MDM, MotionDiffuse and ReMoDiffuse into ComfyUI.


node color customization, custom colors, dot reroutes, link rendering options, straight lines, group freezing, node pinning, automated arrangement of nodes, copy image


Nodes: LLLiteLoader

ComfyUI PixelArt Detector

This node manipulates the pixel art image in ways that it should look pixel perfect (downscales, changes palette, upscales etc.).

ComfyUI Easy Use

To enhance the usability of ComfyUI, optimizations and integrations have been implemented for several commonly used nodes.

ComfyUI prompt control

Nodes for convenient prompt editing. The aim is to make basic generations in ComfyUI completely prompt-controllable.


This tool provides a viewer node that allows for checking multiple outputs in a grid, similar to the X/Y Plot extension.

ComfyUI PhotoMaker

ComfyUI reference implementation for [a/PhotoMaker]( models. [w/WARN:Currently, it is not distinguishable because it shares the same repository name as]


Nodes: load Image with metadata, get config data, load image from base64 string, Load Loras From Prompt, Generate Latent Noise, Combine Two Latents Into Batch, General Purpose Controlnet Unit, ControlNet Script, Content Mask Latent, Auto-Photoshop-SD Seed, Expand and Blur the Mask


Upscaling stable diffusion latents using a small neural network.

Facerestore CF (Code Former)

This is a copy of [a/facerestore custom node]( with a bit of a change to support CodeFormer Fidelity parameter. These ComfyUI nodes can be used to restore faces in images similar to the face restore option in AUTOMATIC1111 webui. NOTE: To use this node, you need to download the face restoration model and face detection model from the 'Install models' menu.


This extension provides the ability to combine multiple nodes into a single node.

ComfyUI Essentials

Essential nodes that are weirdly missing from ComfyUI core. With few exceptions they are new features and not commodities. I hope this will be just a temporary repository until the nodes get included into ComfyUI.

Quality of life Suit:V2

openAI suite, String suite, Latent Tools, Image Tools: These custom nodes provide expanded functionality for image and string processing, latent processing, as well as the ability to interface with models such as ChatGPT/DallE-2. NOTE: Currently, this extension does not support the new OpenAI API, leading to compatibility issues.

Save Image with Generation Metadata

All the tools you need to save images with their generation metadata on ComfyUI. Compatible with Civitai & Prompthero geninfo auto-detection. Works with png, jpeg and webp.


StableZero123 is a node wrapper that uses the model and technique provided [here]( It uses the Zero123plus model to generate 3D views using just one image.

ComfyUI Layer Style

A set of nodes for ComfyUI it generate image like Adobe Photoshop's Layer Style. the Drop Shadow is first completed node, and follow-up work is in progress.


A minimalistic implementation of [a/Robust Video Matting (RVM)]( in ComfyUI


This is a custom node that lets you take advantage of Latent Diffusion Super Resolution (LDSR) models inside ComfyUI.


NODES: CLIP Text Encode++. Achieve identical embeddings from stable-diffusion-webui for ComfyUI.


This extension enables the use of the diffuser pipeline in ComfyUI.


The Demofusion Custom Node is a wrapper that adapts the work and implementation of the [a/DemoFusion]( technique created and implemented by Ruoyi Du to the Comfyui environment.


Nodes: ExLlama Loader, ExLlama Generator. Used to load 4-bit GPTQ Llama/2 models. You can find a lot of them over at [a/]([w/NOTE: You need to manually install a pip package that suits your system. For example. If your system is 'Python3.10 + Windows + CUDA 11.8' then you need to install 'exllama-0.0.17+cu118-cp310-cp310-win_amd64.whl'. Available package files are [a/here](]

ComfyUI Iterative Mixing Nodes

Nodes: Iterative Mixing KSampler, Batch Unsampler, Iterative Mixing KSampler Advanced


The easiest way to run & share any ComfyUI workflow [a/](


This custom node provides advanced settings for FreeU.

KJNodes for ComfyUI

Various quality of life -nodes for ComfyUI, mostly just visual stuff to improve usability.

ComfyUI 3D Pose Editor

Nodes:3D Pose Editor


This is a simple implementation StreamDiffusion(A Pipeline-Level Solution for Real-Time Interactive Generation) for ComfyUI


Face Detailer is a custom node for the 'ComfyUI' framework inspired by !After Detailer extension from auto1111, it allows you to detect faces using Mediapipe and YOLOv8n to create masks for the detected faces.

Rembg Background Removal Node for ComfyUI

Nodes: Image Remove Background (rembg)


ComfyUI nodes to facilitate parameter/prompt keyframing using comfyui nodes for defining and manipulating parameter curves. Essentially provides a ComfyUI interface to the [a/keyframed]( library.


Random nodes for ComfyUI I made to solve my struggle with ComfyUI (ex: pipe, process). Have varying quality.


If you see this message, your ComfyUI-Manager is outdated. Recent channel provides only the list of the latest nodes. If you want to find the complete node list, please go to the Default channel. Making LoRA has never been easier!


Unofficial ComfyUI implementation of [a/RAVE](


Nodes: CivitAI_Loaders. Load Checkpoints, and LORA models directly from CivitAI API.

Extra Models for ComfyUI

This extension aims to add support for various random image diffusion models to ComfyUI.

Jovimetrix Composition Nodes

Compose like Substance Designer. Webcams, Media Streams (in/out), Tick animation, Color correction, Geometry manipulation, Pixel shader, Polygonal shape generator, Remap images gometry and color, Heavily inspired by WAS and MTB Node Suites.

ComfyUI fabric

ComfyUI nodes based on the paper [a/FABRIC: Personalizing Diffusion Models with Iterative Feedback]( (Feedback via Attention-Based Reference Image Conditioning)

Image chooser

A custom node that pauses the flow while you choose which image (or latent) to pass on to the rest of the workflow.

ComfyUI roop

ComfyUI nodes for the roop A1111 webui script.


A node suite for ComfyUI that allows you to load image sequence and generate new image sequence with different styles or content.

LaMa Preprocessor [WIP]

A LaMa prerocessor for ComfyUI. This preprocessor finally enable users to generate coherent inpaint and outpaint prompt-free. The best results are given on landscapes, not so much in drawings/animation.


Nodes: Checkpoint Loader with Name, Save Prompt Info, Outpaint to Image, CLIP Positive-Negative, SDXL Quick Empty Latent, Empty Latent by Ratio, Time String, SDXL Steps, SDXL Resolutions ...

Mikey Nodes

Nodes: Prompt With Style, Prompt With SDXL, Resize Image for SDXL, Save Image With Prompt Data, HaldCLUT, Empty Latent Ratio Select/Custom SDXL


Nodes: KSampler With Refiner (Fooocus). The KSampler from [a/Fooocus]( as a ComfyUI node [w/NOTE: This patches basic ComfyUI behaviour - don't use together with other samplers. Or perhaps do? Other samplers might profit from those changes ... ymmv.]

Dream Project Animation Nodes

This extension offers various nodes that are useful for Deforum-like animations in ComfyUI.

simple wildcard for ComfyUI

These custom nodes provides a feature to insert arbitrary inputs through wildcards in the prompt. Additionally, this tool provides features that help simplify workflows, such as VAELoaderDecoder and SimplerSample.

EasyCaptureNode for ComfyUI

Capture window content from other programs, easyway combined with LCM for real-time painting

Core ML Suite for ComfyUI

This extension contains a set of custom nodes for ComfyUI that allow you to use Core ML models in your ComfyUI workflows. The models can be obtained here, or you can convert your own models using coremltools. The main motivation behind using Core ML models in ComfyUI is to allow you to utilize the ANE (Apple Neural Engine) on Apple Silicon (M1/M2) machines to improve performance.


Load mp3 files and use the audio nodes to power animations and prompt scheduling. Use with FizzNodes.


Nodes: Download the weights of MotionCtrl-SVD [a/motionctrl_svd.ckpt]( and put it to ComfyUI/models/checkpoints


Nodes: Pixel Sort, Swap Color Mode, Solid Color, Glitch This, Add Text To Image, Play Sound, Prettify Prompt, Generate Noise, Flatten Colors

Tiled Diffusion & VAE for ComfyUI

The extension enables large image drawing & upscaling with limited VRAM via the following techniques: 1.Two SOTA diffusion tiling algorithms: [a/Mixture of Diffusers]( and [a/MultiDiffusion]( 2.pkuliyi2015's Tiled VAE algorithm.


This is an ComfyUI implementation of LightGlue to generate motion brush


Nodes:YouTube Video Loader. Custom ComfyUI Nodes for video generation


ComfyUI extension that adds undo (and redo) functionality.


Dynamic prompt expansion, powered by GPT-2 locally on your device.


The official ComfyUI version of facechain greatly improves the speed of reasoning and has great custom process controls.


Nodes: DeepFloyd, Filter, Select, Save, Decode, Encode, Repeat, Noise, Noise


Nodes:Tiled KSampler, Asymmetric Tiled KSampler, Circular VAEDecode.


An extension to ComfyUI that introduces logic nodes and conditional rendering capabilities.


A ComfyUI implementation of Facebook Meta's [a/AITemplate]( repo for faster inference using cpp/cuda. This new repo is behind the old version but is a much more stable foundation to keep AIT online. Please be patient as the repo will eventually include the same features as before. NOTE: You can find the old AIT extension in the legacy channel.

BilboX's ComfyUI Custom Nodes

Nodes: BilboX's PromptGeek Photo Prompt. This provides a convenient way to compose photorealistic prompts into ComfyUI.

Save Image Extended for ComfyUI

Customize the information saved in file- and folder names. Use the values of sampler parameters as part of file or folder names. Save your positive & negative prompt as entries in a JSON (text) file, in each folder.


Nodes:Attention couple. This is a custom node that manipulates region-specific prompts. While vanilla ComfyUI employs an area specification method based on latent couples, this node divides regions using attention layers within UNet.


A custom node for ComfyUI, which can select one or some of images from a batch.

Restart Sampling

Unofficial ComfyUI nodes for restart sampling based on the paper 'Restart Sampling for Improving Generative Processes' ([a/paper](, [a/repo](


Nodes: ImagesConcat, LoadImageFromUrl, AV_UploadImage

Power Noise Suite for ComfyUI

Power Noise Suite contains nodes centered around latent noise input, and diffusion, as well as latent adjustments.

SDXL Prompt Styler (customized version by wolfden)

These custom nodes provide a variety of customized prompt stylers based on [a/twri/SDXL Prompt Styler](

SDXL Auto Prompter

Easy prompting for generation of endless random art pieces and photographs!


Nodes: Plasma Noise, Random Noise, Greyscale Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Plasma KSampler

Disco Diffusion

Modularized version of Disco Diffusion for use with ComfyUI.


Nodes: Style Prompt, OAI Dall_e Image. Plush contains two OpenAI enabled nodes: Style Prompt: Takes your prompt and the art style you specify and generates a prompt from ChatGPT3 or 4 that Stable Diffusion can use to generate an image in that style. OAI Dall_e 3: Takes your prompt and parameters and produces a Dall_e3 image in ComfyUI.


Nodes:LCMScheduler, SamplerLCMAlternative, SamplerLCMCycle. ComfyUI Custom Sampler nodes that add a new improved LCM sampler functions


Proof of concent on how to use IPAdapter to control tiled upscaling. NOTE: You need to have 'ComfyUI_IPAdapter_plus' installed.


Photoshop node inside of ComfyUi, send and get data from Photoshop

Recommended Resolution Calculator

Input your desired output final resolution, it will automaticaly set the initial recommended SDXL ratio/size and its Upscale Factor to reach that output final resolution, also there's an option for 2x/4x reverse Upscale Factor. These all to avoid using bad/arbitary initial ratio/resolution.

Dream Video Batches

Provide utilities for batch based video generation workflows (s.a. AnimateDiff and Stable Video Diffusion).


Custom AI prompt generator node for ComfyUI.

SeeCoder [WIP]

It provides the capability to generate CLIP from an image input, unlike unCLIP, which works in all models. (To use this extension, you need to download the required model file from **Install Models**)


Implements iteration over sequences within a single workflow run. [w/NOTE: This node replaces the execution of ComfyUI for iterative processing functionality.]


Nodes: Latent Diffusion Mega Modifier. ComfyUI nodes which modify the latent during the diffusion process. (Sharpness, Tonemap, Rescale, Extra Noise)


Node to use [a/DDColor]( in ComfyUI.

Character Face Swap

Character face swap with LoRA and embeddings.

LoRA Tag Loader for ComfyUI

A ComfyUI custom node to read LoRA tag(s) from text and load it into checkpoint model.


QR generation within ComfyUI. Contains nodes suitable for workflows from generating basic QR images to techniques with advanced QR masking.


Provides Math Nodes for ComfyUI. Boolean Logic, Integer Arithmetic, Floating Point Arithmetic and Functions, Vec2, Vec3, and Vec4 Arithmetic and Functions


Nodes:FaceSwapNode. Very basic custom node to enable face swapping in ComfyUI. (roop)

Bmad Nodes

This custom node offers the following functionalities: API support for setting up API requests, computer vision primarily for masking or collages, and general utility to streamline workflow setup or implement essential missing features.


Nodes:Word Cloud, Load Text File

Primere nodes for ComfyUI

This extension provides various utility nodes. Inputs(prompt, styles, dynamic, merger, ...), Outputs(style pile), Dashboard(selectors, loader, switch, ...), Networks(LORA, Embedding, Hypernetwork), Visuals(visual selectors, )


Save a picture as Webp file in Comfy + Workflow loading

ComfyUI-Text_Image-Composite [WIP]

Nodes:Text_Image_Zho, Text_Image_Multiline_Zho, RGB_Image_Zho, AlphaChanelAddByMask, ImageComposite_Zho, ...

Integrated Nodes for ComfyUI

This tool will turn entire workflows or parts of them into single integrated nodes. In a way, it is similar to the Node Templates functionality but hides the inner structure. This is useful if all you want is to reuse and quickly configure a bunch of nodes without caring how they are interconnected.

ComfyUI Profiler

Calculate the execution time of all nodes.

Cute Comfy

Adds a configurable folder watcher that auto-converts Comfy metadata into a Civitai-friendly format for automatic resource tagging when you upload images. Oh, and it makes your UI awesome, too. 💜


Nodes:Noodle webcam is a node that records frames and send them to your favourite node.

ComfyUI Serving toolkit

This extension adds nodes that allow you to easily serve your workflow (for example using a discord bot)


This is an Extension for ComfyUI, which helps formatting texts.


Nodes: LamaaModelLoad, LamaApply, YamlConfigLoader. a costumer node is realized to remove anything/inpainting anything from a picture by mask inpainting.[w/WARN:This extension includes the entire model, which can result in a very long initial installation time, and there may be some compatibility issues with older dependencies and ComfyUI.]


fastblend for comfyui, and other nodes that I write for video2video. rebatch image, my openpose


Nodes:LoadLoraWithTags. Save/Load trigger words for loras from a json and auto fetch them on civitai if they are missing.

JPS Custom Nodes for ComfyUI

Nodes: Various nodes to handle SDXL Resolutions, SDXL Basic Settings, IP Adapter Settings, Revision Settings, SDXL Prompt Styler, Crop Image to Square, Crop Image to Target Size, Get Date-Time String, Resolution Multiply, Largest Integer, 5-to-1 Switches for Integer, Images, Latents, Conditioning, Model, VAE, ControlNet


Real-time input output node for ComfyUI by NDI. Leveraging the powerful linking capabilities of NDI, you can access NDI video stream frames and send images generated by the model to NDI video streams.


a collection of nodes to explore Vector and image manipulation


This project is a fork of [a/]( The aim of these custom nodes is to get an easy access to the tags used to trigger a lora.


A few nodes to mix sigmas and a custom scheduler that uses phi, then one using eval() to be able to schedule with custom formulas.

Endless ️🌊✨ Nodes

A small set of nodes I created for various numerical and text inputs. Features image saver with ability to have JSON saved to separate folder, parameter collection nodes, two aesthetic scoring models, switches for text and numbers, and conversion of string to numeric and vice versa.

WebUI Monaco Prompt

Make it possible to edit the prompt using the Monaco Editor, an editor implementation used in VSCode. NOTE: This extension supports both ComfyUI and A1111 simultaneously.

ComfyUI LLaVA Captioner

A ComfyUI extension for chatting with your images. Runs on your own system, no external services used, no filter. Uses the [a/LLaVA multimodal LLM]( so you can give instructions or ask questions in natural language. It's maybe as smart as GPT3.5, and it can see.


CLIPTextEncodeBLIP: This custom node provides a CLIP Encoder that is capable of receiving images as input.

ComfyUI Sequential Image Loader

This is an extension node for ComfyUI that allows you to load frames from a video in bulk and perform masking and sketching on each frame through a GUI.


Nodes:SDXL Empty Latent Image. An extension node for ComfyUI that allows you to select a resolution from the pre-defined json files and output a Latent Image.

Image Resize for ComfyUI

This custom node provides various tools for resizing images. The goal is resizing without distorting proportions, yet without having to perform any calculations with the size of the original image. If a mask is present, it is resized and modified along with the image.

Seamless tiling Node for ComfyUI

Node for generating almost seamless textures, based on similar setting from A1111.


popup preview for comfyui


Nodes: Range(Step), Range(Num Steps), List Length, Image Overlay, Stack Images, Empty Images, Join Image Lists, Join Float Lists. This extension provides various list manipulation nodes


Nodes: WAS_PFN_Latent. Perlin Power Fractal Noisey Latents

Styles CSV Loader Extension for ComfyUI

This extension allows users to load styles from a CSV file, primarily for migration purposes from the automatic1111 Stable Diffusion web UI.

ComfyUI Loopchain

A collection of nodes which can be useful for animation in ComfyUI. The main focus of this extension is implementing a mechanism called loopchain. A loopchain in this case is the chain of nodes only executed repeatly in the workflow. If a node chain contains a loop node from this extension, it will become a loop chain.


NODES: ImageRewardLoader, ImageRewardScore


This contains all-in-one 'principled' nodes for T2I, I2I, refining, and scaling. Additionally it has many tools for directly manipulating the color of latents, high res fix math, and scripted image post-processing.

Variation seeds

Adds KSampler custom nodes with variation seed and variation strength.

noise latent perlinpinpin

Nodes: NoisyLatentPerlin. This allows to create latent spaces filled with perlin-based noise that can actually be used by the samplers.


Nodes:BreakFrames, GetKeyFrames, MakeGrid.

Prompt Info

Prompt Info

CLIP Directional Prompt Attention

Nodes: CLIP Directional Prompt Attention Encode. Direction prompt attention tries to solve the problem of contextual words (or parts of the prompt) having an effect on much later or irrelevant parts of the prompt.

ComfyUI - Text Overlay Plugin

The ComfyUI Text Overlay Plugin provides functionalities for superimposing text on images. Users can select different font types, set text size, choose color, and adjust the text's position on the image.


Nodes:OpenAI DALLe3, OpenAI Translate to English, String Function, Seed Generator


Nodes:TileSplit, TileMerge.

Ostris Nodes ComfyUI

This is a collection of custom nodes for ComfyUI that I made for some QOL. I will be adding much more advanced ones in the future once I get more familiar with the API.


Nodes:LoadFrameSequence, LoadFrame


Nodes:Conditioning (Blend), Inpainting VAE Encode (WAS), VividSharpen. Experimental nodes, or other random extra helper nodes.


Nodes: CalculateAestheticScore, LoadAesteticModel, AesthetlcScoreSorter, ScoreToNumber

Embedding Picker

Tired of forgetting and misspelling often weird names of embeddings you use? Or perhaps you use only one, cause you forgot you have tens of them installed?

ComfyUI Diffusion Color Grading

This is the ComfyUI port of the joint research between me and TimothyAlexisVass. For more information, check out the original [a/Extension]( for Automatic1111.


Nodes: Remove Image Background (abg). A Anime Background Remover node for comfyui, based on this hf space, works same as AGB extention in automatic1111.


This is a set of custom nodes for ComfyUI. The nodes utilize the [a/face parsing model]( to provide detailed segmantation of face. To improve face segmantation accuracy, [a/yolov8 face model]( is used to first extract face from an image. There are also auxiliary nodes for image and mask processing. A guided filter is also provided for skin smoothing.

Various ComfyUI Nodes by Type

Nodes: JWInteger, JWFloat, JWString, JWImageLoadRGB, JWImageResize, ...

ComfyUI Optical Flow

This package contains three nodes to help you compute optical flow between pairs of images, usually adjacent frames in a video, visualize the flow, and apply the flow to another image of the same dimensions. Most of the code is from Deforum, so this is released under the same license (MIT).

ComfyUI Preset Merger

Nodes: ModelMergeByPreset. Merge checkpoint models by preset


Nodes:Fit Size From Int/Image/Resize, Load Image And Resize To Fit, Pick Image From Batch/List, Crop Image Into Even Pieces, Image Region To Mask... A simple set of nodes for making an image fit within a bounding box


Nodes: Interpolate Poses, Interpolate Lineart, ... Custom nodes for interpolating between, well, everything in the Stable Diffusion ComfyUI.


Nodes: AstropulsePixelDetector, BackgroundRemover, ImagePadForBetterOutpaint, InpaintingPipelineLoader, Inpainting, ...

ezXY scripts and nodes

Extensions/Patches: Enables linking float and integer inputs and ouputs. Values are automatically cast to the correct type and clamped to the correct range. Works with both builtin and custom nodes.[w/NOTE: This repo patches ComfyUI's validate_inputs and map_node_over_list functions while running. May break depending on your version of ComfyUI. Can be deactivated in config.yaml.]Nodes: A collection of nodes for facilitating the generation of XY plots. Capable of plotting changes over most primitive values.


a ComfyUI plugin for previewing latents without vae decoding. Useful for showing intermediate results and can be used a faster 'preview image' if you don't wan't to use vae decode.


Nodes:Load LoRA Weight Only, Load LoRA from Weight, Merge LoRA, Save LoRA. This extension provides nodes for merging LoRA.


ComfyUI-LexTools is a Python-based image processing and analysis toolkit that uses machine learning models for semantic image segmentation, image scoring, and image captioning.


ComfyUI custom nodes to apply various image processing techniques.


This extension node is intended for the use of LCM conversion for SSD-1B-anime. It does not guarantee operation with the original LCM (as it cannot load weights in the current version). To take advantage of fast generation with LCM, a node for using TAESD as a decoder is also provided. This is inspired by ComfyUI-OtherVAEs.


Nodes: MergeBlockWeighted

Comfyui lama remover

A very simple ComfyUI node to remove item with mask.


Nodes:Loader, Prompts, ImageTool, Wildcards, LoadEmbedding, ConditionText, SaveImages, ...


Nodes:Send Webp Image to Eagle. This is an extension node for ComfyUI that allows you to send generated images in webp format to Eagle. This extension node is a re-implementation of the Eagle linkage functions of the previous ComfyUI-send-Eagle node, focusing on the functions required for this node.


Wildcard implementation that can be reproduced with workflows.


Cyberdolphin Suite of ComfyUI nodes for wiring up things.


A simply node for hooking in to openAI API based servers via comfyUI


Nodes: LatentGaussianNoise, MathEncode. An experimental custom node that generates latent noise directly by utilizing the linear characteristics of the latent space.


Nodes:MultiLora Loader, Lora Text Extractor. Provides a node for assisting in loading loras through text.


ComfyUI node that pixelizes images.


This is an implementation of [a/i2vgen-xl](


ComfyUI-KepOpenAI is a user-friendly node that serves as an interface to the GPT-4 with Vision (GPT-4V) API. This integration facilitates the processing of images coupled with text prompts, leveraging the capabilities of the OpenAI API to generate text completions that are contextually relevant to the provided inputs.


Nodes:Apply CDTuner, Apply Negapip. This extension provides the [a/CD(Color/Detail) Tuner]( and the [a/Negative Prompt in the Prompt]( features.


This extension is a reimagined version based on the [a/ComfyUI-QualityOfLifeSuit_Omar92]( extension, and it supports integration with ChatGPT through the new OpenAI API. NOTE: See detailed installation instructions on the [a/repository](


This extension offers various audio generation tools


Nodes: ComfyUI_Mexx_Poster

ComfyUI - Mask Bounding Box

The ComfyUI Mask Bounding Box Plugin provides functionalities for selecting a specific size mask from an image. Can be combined with ClipSEG to replace any aspect of an SDXL image with an SD1.5 output.


This is a set of nodes to interact with llama-cpp-python




Instantly replace your image's background.


ComfyUI custom nodes to apply various latent travel techniques.


With this quality of life extension, you can save your workflow with a specific name and include additional details such as the author, a description, and the version (in metadata/json). Important: When you share your workflow (via png/json), others will be able to see your information!


Nodes: Fans Styler (Max 10 Style), Fans Text Concat (Until 10 text).

CrasH Utils

A mixture of effects and quality of life nodes. Nodes: ImageGlitcher (gives an image a cool glitchy effect), ColorStylizer (highlights a single color in an image), QueryLocalLLM (queries a local LLM API though oobabooga), SDXLReslution (resolution picker for the standard SDXL resolutions, the complete list), SDXLResolutionSplit (splits the SDXL resolution into width and height).


GLM4 Vision Integration


Nodes:TacoLatent, TacoAnimatedLoader, TacoImg2ImgAnimatedLoader, TacoGifMaker.


Merge two checkpoint models by dare ties [a/(](, sort of.


Rui's workflow-specific custom node, written using GPT.


ymc 's nodes for comfyui. This extension is composed of nodes that provide various utility features such as text, region, and I/O.

ComfyUI - P2LDGAN Node

Nodes: P2LDGAN. This integrates P2LDGAN into ComfyUI. P2LDGAN extracts lineart from input images. [w/To use this extension, you need to download the [a/p2ldgan model]( and save it in the %%ComfyUI/custom_nodes/comfyui-p2ldgan/checkpoints%% directory.]


Shows Lora information from CivitAI and outputs trigger words and example prompt


A text-to-speech plugin used under ComfyUI. It utilizes the Microsoft Speech TTS interface to convert text content into MP3 format audio files.

AegisFlow Utility Nodes

These nodes will be placed in comfyui/custom_nodes/aegisflow and contains the image passer (accepts an image as either wired or wirelessly, input and passes it through. Latent passer does the same for latents, and the Preprocessor chooser allows a passthrough image and 10 controlnets to be passed in AegisFlow Shima. The inputs on the Preprocessor chooser should not be renamed if you intend to accept image inputs wirelessly through UE nodes. It can be done, but the send node input regex for each controlnet preprocessor column must also be changed.


Attempts to implement [a/CADS]( for ComfyUI. Credit also to the [a/A1111 implementation]( that I used as a reference.

auto nodes layout

A ComfyUI extension to apply better nodes layout algorithm to ComfyUI workflow (mostly for visualization purpose)

ComfyUI PickScore Nodes

Image scoring nodes for ComfyUI using PickScore with a batch of images to predict which ones fit a given prompt the best.

y.k.'s ComfyUI node suite

Nodes: YKImagePadForOutpaint, YKMaskToImage


Nodes: Image Resize (seam carving). Seam carving (image resize) for ComfyUI. Based on [a/]( With seam carving algorithm, the image could be intelligently resized while keeping the important contents undistorted. The carving process could be further guided, so that an object could be removed from the image without apparent artifacts.


Save a png or jpeg and option to save prompt/workflow in a text or json file for each image in Comfy + Workflow loading.


Directly upscaling inside the latent space. Model was trained for SD1.5 and drawn content. Might add new architectures or update models at some point. This took heavy inspriration from [city96/SD-Latent-Upscaler]( and [Ttl/ComfyUi_NNLatentUpscale](


ComfyUI custom node to convert latent to RGB.


Nodes:CLIP Interrogator, ...

noEmbryo nodes

PromptTermList (1-6): are some nodes that help with the creation of Prompts inside ComfyUI. Resolution Scale outputs image dimensions using a scale factor. Regex Text Chopper outputs the chopped parts of a text using RegEx.


Nodes: Base64 To Image, Image To Base64, Load Image To Base64.

nui suite

NODES: Dynamic Prompts Text Encode, Feeling Lucky Text Encode, Output String

ComfyUI Yolov8

Nodes: Yolov8Detection, Yolov8Segmentation. Deadly simple yolov8 comfyui plugin


Nodes: MS kosmos-2 Interrogator, Save Image w/o Metadata, Image Scale Bounding Box. An implementation of Microsoft [a/kosmos-2]( image to text transformer.


A collection of nodes for common tools, including text preview, text translation (multi-platform, multi-language), image loader, webcamera capture.


Auto-MBW for ComfyUI loosely based on sdweb-auto-MBW. Nodes: auto merge block weighted

ComfyUI Floodgate

This is an Extension for ComfyUI, which allows you to control the logic flow with just one click!


Adds Static Primitives to ComfyUI. Mostly to work with reroute nodes


Nodes:GradientPatchModelAddDownscale (Kohya Deep Shrink).

ComfyUI Ricing

ComfyUI custom user.css and some script stuff. mainly for web interface.

Image to Text Node

Nodes: Image URL to Text, Image to Text.

ComfyUI - Apply LoRA Stacker with DARE

An experiment about combining multiple LoRAs with [a/DARE](


ComfyUI version of (To use this extension, you need to download the required model file from **Install Models**)


This is an ComfyUI implementation of RAFT to generate motion brush

ComfyUI Image Saver

Allows you to save images with their generation metadata compatible with Civitai. Works with png, jpeg and webp. Stores LoRAs, models and embeddings hashes for resource recognition.


This extension currently has two sets of nodes - one set for editing the contrast/color of images and another set for saving images as 16 bit PNG files.


This extension helps generate images through NAI.


A set of ComfyUI nodes to quickly test generated QR codes for scannability. A companion project to ComfyQR.

ComfyUI Easy Padding

ComfyUI Easy Padding is a simple custom ComfyUI node that helps you to add padding to images on ComfyUI.

Lazy Pony Prompter

A pony prompt helper extension for AUTOMATIC1111's Stable Diffusion Web UI and ComfyUI that utilizes the full power of your favorite booru query syntax. Currently supports [a/Derpibooru](https://derpibooru/org) and [a/E621](


This extension provides a custom node that allows the use of [a/Matte Anything]( in ComfyUI.


Image and matte filtering nodes for ComfyUI `image/filters/*`


This extension provides various SDXL Prompt Stylers. See: [a/youtube](


Nodes: InpaintMediapipe. This node provides a simple interface to inpaint.


Nodes: Int, Float, String, Operation, Checkpoint


Abstract Syntax Trees Evaluated Restricted Run (ASTERR) is a Python Script executor for ComfyUI. [w/Warning:ASTERR runs Python Code from a Web Interface! It is highly recommended to run this in a closed-off environment, as it could have potential security risks.]


A collection of custom nodes for ComfyUI. Includes a quick canny edge detection node with unconventional settings, simple LoRA stack nodes for workflow efficiency, and a customizable aspect ratio node.


Nodes: HTTP POST, Empty Dict, Assoc Str, Assoc Dict, Assoc Img, Load Img From URL (EZ), Load Img Batch From URLs (EZ), Video Combine + upload (EZ), ...


Add Image Save nodes for TIFF 16 bit and EXR 32 bit formats. Probably only useful if you're applying a LUT or other color corrections, and care about preserving as much color accuracy as possible.


Manage models: browsing, download and delete.


Nodes: ComfyUI Mexx Styler, ComfyUI Mexx Styler Advanced


Nodes:FL Image Randomizer. The start of a pack that I will continue to build out to fill the gaps of nodes and functionality that I feel is missing in comfyUI


A novel weighting scheme for token vectors from CLIP. Allows a wider range of values for the weight. Inspired by Perp-Neg.


CSV Loader for prompt building within ComfyUI interface. Allows access to positive/negative prompts associated with a name. Selections are being pulled from CSV files.


A NSFW/Safety Checker Node for ComfyUI.


A collection of nodes powering a tensor oracle on a home network with automation


Nodes: tri3d-extract-hand, tri3d-fuzzification, tri3d-position-hands, tri3d-atr-parse.


Nodes:Openpose Editor Plus


Nodes: image_layering, color_correction, model_router

ComfyUI Fictiverse Nodes

Nodes:Color correction.

Extended Save Image for ComfyUI

This custom node is largely identical to the usual Save Image but allows saving images also in JPEG and WEBP formats, the latter with both lossless and lossy compression. Metadata is embedded in the images as usual, and the resulting images can be used to load a workflow.

ResolutionSelector for ComfyUI


Touchpad two-finger gesture support for macOS

Two-finger scrolling (vertical and horizontal) to pan the canvas. Two-finger pinch to zoom in and out. Command-scroll up and down to zoom in and out. Fixes [comfyanonymous/ComfyUI#2059](


Integrate non-painting capabilities into comfyUI, including data, algorithms, video processing, large models, etc., to facilitate the construction of more powerful workflows.


This repo is a simple implementation of [a/Paint-by-Example]( based on its [a/huggingface pipeline](


Manipulation nodes for Image, Latent


A set of custom nodes for creating image grids, sequences, and batches in ComfyUI.


ComfyUI-GTSuya-Nodes is a ComfyUI extension designed to add several wildcards supports into ComfyUI. Wildcards allow you to use __name__ syntax in your prompt to get a random line from a file named name.txt in a wildcards directory.


This extension provides various custom nodes. literals, loaders, logic, output, switches


The LoRA Caption custom nodes, just like their name suggests, allow you to caption images so they are ready for LoRA training.


Nodes:UniformRandomFloat..., RandomShuffleInt, YieldableIterator..., LogicGate..., Add..., MergeString, MemoryNode, ...


Nodes:Save Text File


Nodes:ImageOverlap-badger, FloatToInt-badger, IntToString-badger, FloatToString-badger, ImageNormalization-badger, ImageScaleToSide-badger, NovelToFizz-badger.


This custom node provides the capability to manipulate multiple string inputs.


Nodes: Mask to Centroid, Mask to Eigenvector. A small collection of custom nodes for use with ComfyUI, for geometry calculations


This repository contains typed primitives for ComfyUI. The motivation for these primitives is that the standard primitive node cannot be routed.

ComfyUI Discopixel Nodes

Nodes:TransformTemplateOntoFaceMask, ... A small collection of custom nodes for use with ComfyUI, by Discopixel

Load Image From Base64 URI

Nodes: LoadImageFromBase64. Loads an image and its transparency mask from a base64-encoded data URI for easy API connection.


Nodes:Prompter, RF Noise, SeedMod.


Nodes:RR_Date_Folder_Format, RR_Image_Metadata_Overlay, RR_VideoPathMetaExtraction, RR_DisplayMetaOptions. This extension provides nodes designed to enhance the Animatediff workflow.

Pomfy - Photoshop and ComfyUI 2-way sync

Photoshop custom nodes inside of ComfyUi, send and get data via Photoshop UXP plugin for cross platform support

InstaSwap Face Swap Node for ComfyUI

Fastest Face Swap Extension Node for ComfyUI, Single node and FastTrack: Lightning-Speed Facial Transformation for your projects.


This extension simply connects the nodes and specifies the output path of the generated images to a manageable path.


If you want to draw two different characters together without blending their features, so you could try to check out this custom node.


Nodes: MSSqlTableNode, MSSqlSelectNode. This extension provides custom nodes to interact with MSSQL.

Variables for Comfy UI

Nodes: String, Int, Float, Short String, CLIP Text Encode (With Variables), String Format, Short String Format. This extension introduces quality of life improvements by providing variable nodes and shared global variables.


Nodes: Noxin Complete Chime, Noxin Scaled Resolutions, Load from Noxin Prompt Library, Save to Noxin Prompt Library


NOTE: Concatenate Strings, Format Datetime String, Integer Caster, Multiline String, Truncate String. Yet Another Node Collection, a repository of simple nodes for ComfyUI. This repository eases the addition or removal of custom nodes to itself.


Nodes:MUJinjaRender, MUSimpleWildcard


Nodes:Any List, Image Accumulator Start, Image Accumulator End, Load Lines From Text File, XY Grid Helper, Slice List, Axis To String/Int/Float/Model, ...


Nodes:Keyframe Part, Keyframe Interpolation Part, Keyframe Apply.


Nodes:LFO_Triangle, LFO_Sine, SawtoothNode, SquareNode, PulseNode. ComfyUI custom nodes to create Low Frequency Oscillators.

Comfy UI FatLabels

It's a super simple custom node for Comfy UI, to generate text, with a font size option. Useful for bigger labelling of nodes, helpful for wider screen captures or tutorials. Plus you can of course use the text within your generations.

YARS: Yet Another Resolution Selector

A slightly different Resolution Selector node, allowing to freely change base resolution and aspect ratio, with options to maintain the pixel count or use the base resolution as the highest or lowest dimension.

Comfy UI Prompt Agent

Nodes: Prompt Agent, Prompt Agent (String). This script provides a prompt agent node for the Comfy UI stable diffusion client.


Use [a/Pilgram2]( filters in ComfyUI


Harronode is a custom node designed to build prompts easily for use with the Harrlogos SDXL LoRA. This Node simplifies the process of crafting prompts and makes all built in activation terms available at your fingertips.


Custom node for ComfyUI that makes parts of the image transparent (face, background...)


Nodes:Consistency VAE Decoder.

SRL's nodes

Nodes: SRL Conditional Interrupt, SRL Format String, SRL Eval, SRL Filter Image List. This is a collection of nodes I find useful. Note that at least one module allows execution of arbitrary code. Do not use any of these nodes on a system that allow untrusted users to control workflows or inputs.[w/WARNING: The custom nodes in this extension are vulnerable to **security risks** because they allow the execution of arbitrary code through the workflow]


A ComfyUI extension to add spatial anchors/waypoints to better navigate large workflows.

ComfyUI Assistant

ComfyUI Assistant is your one stop plugin for everything you need to get started with comfy-ui. Now it provides useful courses, tutorials, and basic templates.

hus' utils for ComfyUI

ComfyUI nodes primarily for seed and filename generation

A8R8 ComfyUI Nodes

Nodes: Base64Image Input Node, Base64Image Output Node. [a/A8R8]( supporting nodes to integrate with ComfyUI

ComfyUI Slothful Attention

This custom node allow controlling output without training. The reducing method is similar to [a/Spatial-Reduction Attention](, but generating speed may not be increased on typical image sizes due to overheads. (In some cases, slightly slower)


Nodes:TC_EqualizeCLAHE, TC_SizeApproximation, TC_ImageResize, TC_ImageScale, TC_ColorFill.


porting audioreactivity pipeline from vktrs to comfyui.


A node for JPEG de-artifacting using [a/FBCNN](

Eagle PNGInfo

Nodes: EagleImageNode

Simple Math

custom node for ComfyUI to perform simple math operations

ComfyUI Multi-Workspace

A simple, quick, and dirty implementation of multiple workspaces within ComfyUI.


Nodes: Psd2Png.


Nodes: Build Gif, Special CLIP Loader. It offers various manipulation capabilities for the internal operations of the prompt.

Latent Mirror node for ComfyUI

Nodes: Latent Mirror. Node to mirror a latent along the Y (vertical / left to right) or X (horizontal / top to bottom) axis.

ComfyUI Tab Handler

This is an Extension for ComfyUI, which moves the menu to the specified corner on startup.

ComfyUI Menu Anchor

This is an Extension for ComfyUI, which moves the menu to the specified corner on startup.


Nodes:TdxhImageToSize, TdxhImageToSizeAdvanced, TdxhLoraLoader, TdxhIntInput, TdxhFloatInput, TdxhStringInput. Some nodes for stable diffusion comfyui. Sometimes it helps conveniently to use less nodes for doing the same things.


Nodes:XL DreamBooth LoRA, S3 Bucket LoRA

Text to video for Stable Video Diffusion in ComfyUI

This is node replaces the init_image conditioning for the [a/Stable Video Diffusion]( image to video model with text embeds, together with a conditioning frame. The conditioning frame is a set of latents.


The best way to run, share, & discover thousands of ComfyUI workflows.


This is a straight clone of Azazeal04's all-in-one styler menu, which was removed from gh on Jan 21, 2024. I have made no changes to the files at all.


Nodes:Q-Align Scoring. Implementation of [a/Q-Align]( for ComfyUI


Nodes: Make Square Node, Interrogate Node, TextEncodeAIO

OneDiff Nodes

[a/Onediff]( ComfyUI Nodes.


Experimental sampler node. Sampling alternates between A and B inputs until only one remains, starting with A. B steps run over a 2x2 grid, where 3/4's of the grid are copies of the original input latent. When the optional mask is used, the region outside the defined roi is copied from the original latent at the end of every step.


Nodes:FEImagePadForOutpaint, FEColorOut, FEColor2Image, FERandomizedColor2Image

Simple Wildcard

A simple wildcard node for ComfyUI. Can also be used a style prompt node.


This extension provides nodes for [a/DeepCache: Accelerating Diffusion Models for Free]( NOTE:Original code can be found [a/here]( Full credit to laksjdjf for sharing the code.


Nodes: Shadertoy, Load Audio (from Path), Audio Frame Transform (Shadertoy), Audio Frame Transform (Beats)


Nodes: LoadImageFromPath. Load Image From Path loads the image from the source path and does not have such problems.


Based off of: [a/Birch-san/diffusers-play/approx_vae]( This ComfyUI node allows you to quickly preview SDXL 1.0 latents.


Nodes:File Padding, Image Info, VAE Loader With Name

ComfyUI_DiT [WIP]

Testbed for [a/DiT(Scalable Diffusion Models with Transformers)]( [w/None of this code is stable, expect breaking changes if for some reason you want to use this.]


python and web UX improvements for ComfyUI. [w/'DynamicPrompts.js' and 'EditAttention.js' from the core, along with 'ImageFeed.js' and 'favicon.js' from the custom scripts of pythongosssss, are not compatible. Therefore, manual deletion of these files is required to use this web extension.]


Slightly better random prompt generation tools that allow combining and picking prompts from both file and text input sources.

GPU temperature protection

Pause image generation when GPU temperature exceeds threshold.


Nodes:Bing Image Grabber node for ComfyUI.


Provide various custom nodes for Latent, Sampling, Model, Loader, Image, Text. This is the fixed version of the original [a/ComfyUI-nodes-hnmr]( by hnmr293.


Nodes: SDXLRecommendedImageSize, JjkText, JjkShowText, JjkConcat. A set of custom nodes for ComfyUI - focused on text and parameter utility


Nodes: RK_CivitAIMetaChecker, RK_CivitAIAddHashes.


Nodes:GMIC Image Processing.


A set of TTS nodes for ComfyUI


Nodes:visual_anagrams_sample, visual_anagrams_animate

Comfy UI Online Loaders

Nodes: Submit Image (Parameters), Submit Image. A collection of loaders that use a shared common online data source rather than relying on the files to be present locally.

Otonx's Custom Nodes

Nodes: OTX Multiple Values, OTX KSampler Feeder. This extension provides custom nodes for ComfyUI created for personal projects. Made available for reference. Nodes may be updated or changed intermittently or not at all. Review & test before use.

Ranbooru for ComfyUI

Ranbooru is an extension for the comfyUI. The purpose of this extension is to add a node that gets a random set of tags from boorus pictures. This is mostly being used to help me test my checkpoints on a large variety of


Nodes:BatchImageResizeProcessor, SingleImagePathLoader, SingleImageUrlLoader

ComfyUI Clear Screen

This is an Extension for ComfyUI, which adds a button, CLS, to clear the console window.

ComfyUI Prompt ExtraNetworks

Instead of LoraLoader or HypernetworkLoader, it receives a prompt and loads and applies LoRA or HN based on the specifications within the prompt. The main purpose of this custom node is to allow changes without reconnecting the LoraLoader node when the prompt is randomly altered, etc.


This exporter is a plugin for ComfyUI, which can export tasks for [a/LAizypainter]( LAizypainter is a Photoshop plugin with which you can send tasks directly to a Stable Diffusion server. More information about a [a/Task](

Comfy UI QR Codes

This extension introduces QR code nodes for the Comfy UI stable diffusion client. NOTE: ComfyUI qrcode extension required.

Lists Cartesian Product

Given a set of lists, the node adjusts them so that when used as input to another node all the possible argument permutations are computed.


Aspect ratio selector for ComfyUI based on [a/sd-webui-ar](

ComfyUI Sokes Nodes

Nodes: Empty Latent Randomizer (9 Inputs)


Experimental utility nodes with a focus on manipulation of noised latents


Nodes:Preview Json, Save Json, Test Json Preview, ... preview and save nodes


Image Browsing: browsing, download and delete.


Nodes:Image Square Adapter Node, Image Resize And Crop Node


Nodes: LiamLoadImage. This node provides the capability to load images from a URL.

TGu Utilities

Nodes: MPN Switch, MPN Reroute, PN Switch. This is a set of custom nodes for ComfyUI. Mainly focus on control switches.

ComfyUI PNG Metadata

Add custom Metadata fields to your saved PNG files.


Nodes: TAESD VAE Decode

ComfyUI aichemy nodes

Simple node to handle scaling of YOLOv8 segmentation masks


Nodes:SaveTifImage. ComfyUI custom node for purpose of saving image as uint16 tif file.


Nodes: CLIPTextEncodeSDXL-Multi-IO, CLIPTextEncodeSDXL-Pipe, Empty Latent Image from Aspect-Ratio, Random Find and Replace.


Nodes:Ignore Braces, Settings Switch.




Nodes: that we currently provide the package only for x86-64 linux, such as Ubuntu or Debian, and Python 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10.

Comfy AI Image Sumission Node

A ComfyAI submit node to upload images to

RF Nodes

A bunch of nodes that can be useful to manipulate primitive types (numbers, text, ...) Also some helpers to generate text and timestamps.


Nodes:Split Masks


Nodes:Caching Image Loader.


Nodes:ImageLoadFromBase64, ImageLoadByPath, ImageLoadAsMaskByPath, ImageSaveToPath, ImageSaveAsBase64.


Nodes:Enhanced Save Node


Nodes: VAE Processor, VAE Loader, Background Remover


This extension provides styler nodes for SDXL. NOTE: Due to the dynamic nature of node name definitions, ComfyUI-Manager cannot recognize the node list from this extension. The Missing nodes and Badge features are not available for this extension.


Nodes: Center Calculation. Improved Numerical Calculation for ComfyUI

ComfyUI String Tools

This extension provides the StringToolsConcat node, which concatenates multiple texts, and the StringToolsRandomChoice node, which selects one randomly from multiple texts.


Nodes:abyz22_Padding Image, abyz22_ImpactWildcardEncode, abyz22_setimageinfo, abyz22_SaveImage, abyz22_ImpactWildcardEncode_GetPrompt, abyz22_SetQueue, abyz22_drawmask, abyz22_FirstNonNull, abyz22_blendimages, abyz22_blend_onecolor


Add a node that outputs width and height of the size selected from the preset (.csv).

IG Interpolation Nodes

Custom nodes to aid in the exploration of Latent Space


Nodes: Image(s) To Websocket (Base64), Load Image (Base64),Load Images (Base64)


Nodes:Create N-Token String




Nodes: KepRotateImage


Nodes: DSP Image Concat


This Extension adds a few custom QOL nodes that ComfyUI lacks by default.


Nodes:Multi Lora Loader, Random (Prompt), Combine (Prompt), CSV Prompts Loader

Preset Dimensions

Simple node for sharing latent image size between nodes. Preset dimensions for SD and XL.


Nodes:Image Crop Fit, OFF SEGS to Image, Crop Center wigh SEGS, Watermarking, GW Number Formatting Node.


A custom node on ComfyUI that saves images in AVIF format. Workflow can be loaded from images saved at this node.


Nodes:Blender viewport color, Blender Viewport depth

Color Enhance

Node: Color Enhance, Color Blend. This is the same algorithm GIMP/GEGL uses for color enhancement. The gist of this implementation is that it converts the color space to CIELCh(ab) and normalizes the chroma (or [colorfulness](] component. Original source can be found in the link below.


Nodes: RErouter, String (RE), Int (RE)


Use ngrok to allow external access to ComfyUI. NOTE: Need to manually modify a token inside the file.


Nodes: BinaryImageMask, ImagePadding, LoadLastCreatedImage, RandomMask, TransparentImage.


Nodes: Combine ZHGMasks, Cover ZHGMasks, ZHG FaceIndex, ZHG SaveImage, ZHG SmoothEdge, ZHG GetMaskArea, ...