ComfyUI Extension: ComfyUI-MotionCtrl-SVD

Nodes: Download the weights of MotionCtrl-SVD [a/motionctrl_svd.ckpt]( and put it to ComfyUI/models/checkpoints

Authored by chaojie


Custom Nodes


This is an implementation of ComfyUI MotionCtrl for SVD

MotionCtrl for SVD


  1. Clone this repo into custom_nodes directory of ComfyUI location

  2. Run pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Download the weights of MotionCtrl for SVD motionctrl_svd.ckpt and put it to ComfyUI/models/checkpoints


base workflow

<img src="assets/base_wf.png" raw=true>

A little exploration workflow: for videos with relatively static camera angles, applying the same MotionCtrl to each frame, then combining images from corresponding positions to create a new video. The nth frame image is taken from the generated nth frame and merged again.

original video: generate video: