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$10/ month
100k credits
4.6 hours L4 GPU Time
9.3 hours T4 GPU Time


$30/ month
300k credits
13.9 hours L4 GPU Time
27.8 hours T4 GPU Time


$60/ month
600k credits
27.8 hours L4 GPU Time
55.6 hours T4 GPU Time

L4 vs T4 GPU time

When you purchase a subscription, you are buying a time slice to utilize powerful GPUs such as L4 and T4 for running ComfyUI workflows. Each subscription plan provides a different amount of GPU time per month.

To simplify cost calculations, each credit is valued at $0.0001, or 1/10,000th of a dollar.

Currently, the L4 GPU costs 6 credits per second, which is equivalent to $0.0006 per second. The T4 GPU, on the other hand, costs 3 credits per second, or $0.0003 per second.

What happens to unused monthly GPU time?

At this moment, any unused monthly GPU time does not roll over. This is to facilitates effective capacity planning and ensure fair resource allocation among subscribers.

Do you support the A40 & A100 GPUs?

Support for other GPUs are coming soon.