ComfyUI Extension: Knodes

Nodes: Image(s) To Websocket (Base64), Load Image (Base64),Load Images (Base64)

Authored by kft334


Custom Nodes


ComfyUI Nodes

3 Nodes:

  • Image(s) to Websocket (Base64) -- Accepts a batch of image tensors and returns an array of base64 encoded images using the websocket. Returns a string (Actions) for routing.

  • Load Image (Base64) -- Accepts a base64 encoded image and returns an image tensor and mask.

  • Load Images (Base64) -- Accepts a string with the following structure: 0x4(Image count) 0x8(Image1 length) Image1(base64) ... 0x8(ImageN length) ImageN(base64). -- Returns a batch of image tensors and masks.