ComfyUI Extension: BilboX's ComfyUI Custom Nodes

Nodes: BilboX's PromptGeek Photo Prompt. This provides a convenient way to compose photorealistic prompts into ComfyUI.

Authored by syllebra


Custom Nodes


BilboX's ComfyUI Custom Nodes

Various custom nodes for ComfyUI.


This repository will store my custom nodes for ComfyUI.

Getting Started


  • Have a working installation of git.


  • Go to custom-nodes directory
  • Clone this repository
  • Restart ComfyUI interface
cd ComfyUI/custom-nodes
git clone


BilboX's PromptGeek Photo Prompt

This is a node created from the awesome PromptGeek's "Creating Photorealistic Images With AI: Using Stable Diffusion" book data. It provides a convenient way to compose photorealistic prompts into ComfyUI.

BilboX's PromptGeek Photo Prompt UI

A preview of the assembled prompt is shown at the bottom.

This plugin offers 2 preview modes for of each prestored style/data: Tooltip mode and Modal mode

Tooltip mode

This mode keeps interface compact and offers a preview and a description when hovering a list context menu. BilboX's PromptGeek Photo Prompt Tooltip mode

Modal mode

The modal mode shows a fullscreen scrollable modal window for a better view of all options. Just over an element to popup a detailed description and click on it to select and close the window. Hit "escape" to just close. BilboX's PromptGeek Photo Prompt Modal mode


Vignette effect

This is a fix and imprvement of EllangoK's ComfyUI-post-processing-nodes vignette effect.

BilboX's Vignette effect Just two parameters: one for the size of effect and another for the opacity.

LUT color correction

This is an implementation as post processing effect in Comfy-UI of Yoonsikp's pycubelut.

BilboX's Vignette effect There are two parameters. The first one is the name of the LUT file to apply. Simply put your lut files (currently only .cube support) in custom_nodes/bilbox-comfyui/luts or add your LUts directory in custom_nodes/bilbox-comfyui/luts_directory.txt.

The second parameter is an option to setup the output in the log color space.

An optinnal parameter is just used to debug and print informations about the lut file.


Version History

  • 0.3
    • Add post preocessing effects LUT color correction and Vignette effect
  • 0.2
  • 0.1
    • Initial Release


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Source Inspiration

Inspiration, code snippets, etc.