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Basic Prompting Guide

Prompting: For the linguistic prompt, you should try to explain the image you want in a single sentence with proper grammar. For example:

A photograph of a (subject) in a (location) at (time)

then you use the second text field to strengthen that prompt with a few carefully selected tags that will help, such as:

cinematic, bokeh, photograph, (features about subject)

Full prompt example:

Linguistic: A cinematic photograph of a pretty woman with blonde hair and blue eyes in a park at sunset

Supporting: clouds, nature, bokeh, f1.8, cinematic lighting, entered composition

Photographic tips

  1. Try and use words or entities that tie into realistic imagery, such as National geographic, Vogue, ethnographic, portrait, and similar words

  2. Do not use words like "realism" or "realistic" when prompting for photographs, as they are associated with art styles that depict "realistic" things, and such will weight towards traditional or digital art

  3. Feel free to use compositional words, such as "centered subject" or "(object) to the side", this can help a lot for achieving different and interesting results

  4. I recommend not going over 6 on the positive aesthetic score for the refiner when going for realism, I find that the higher you go, the more your images are likely to go into the direction of aesthetic paintings and


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  • Models, Encoders, and LoRAs
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  • sd_xl_base_1.0.safetensors
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