Killua Zoldyck SDXL Lora: v1.0 Animagine XL V3: xl_char_3090_killua_zodyck_16.safetensors

As base model I've used the Animagine XL V3. You'll get the best results with this Model.

There will follow a new Version soon. This version very tightly sticks to the Flat-Art/Anime style. If you've got tips to give the model a wider range please write a comment

Please look at the base model for the lora. It will perform better and sometimes only with the base model. The base model is named in the version name.

With the most recent version there are some new additions.
You can use "hxhanime" in the prompt to get killua from the anime. Also I've captioned the images following the prompting of the PonyDiffusion V6XL Model. So using something like score_8_up may improve quality.

Also I've captioned them according to their rating (rating_safe, rating_questionable, rating_explicit)

I want to mention that the the current version of hxhanime results often have a low resolution. That's because I didn't have any high quality hxh screenshots of killua. If you have high quality screenshots from the anime (1024x1024 px and up) I'd be glad if you could send them to me so I can train a new model.