Disenchantment - Luci (Experimental): v1.0: luci_v1.safetensors

How to use the LoRa

Basic prompt, no weight adjustment required

I recommend using a model like neverending dream.

luci <lora:luci_v1:1>

If you like the LoRA, please feel free to share your generated images here and leave a review (or at least a rating) for the sake of motivation and stuff ;D

For usage guidance, look into the About this version box for more information and click on Show more to get all trigger words and combinations (The trigger words in the Details box are a pain to manage).

Please contact me here on civitAi or on Twitter if you want to provide the LoRa in a generation service.


Disenchantment is such a good show and Luci is my favourite character (followed by Chazzzzz and Mora. For the latter I plan to make another LoRA ;D)). Achieving good results with the Luci LoRA is difficult... Any base model that is meant to be used for anime characters will more often than not present you with a cute anime girl with some parts of Luci's look... I marked this as experimental due to the fact that its quite hard to get good results at the moment...


I used 41 images for training, which is more than enough due to the fact that he looks ... well always the same ^^