Coolgirl: v1.0: coolgirl_fileem.safetensors

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Coolgirl by fileem

An anime LoRA model Based on Anything.

Usage Details

recommended parameter:

  • Resolution:512*512、768*768、512*768

  • steps:30

  • Sampler DPM++ 2M SDE

recommended positive prompt:

  • cxg,<lora:coolgirl:1>, a young girl with pink long hair, double twist braids, a black hat and a black top is standing with her hands crossing before her body and is wearing a pair of pink shorts, tie a black jacket around the waist, she has black eyes, and her hand with green nails, in blue background, looking at viewer, (masterpiece:1,2), best quality

recommended negative prompt for anime style:

  • NSFW, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, normal quality, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), skin spots, acnes, skin blemishes, age spot, (ugly:1.331), (duplicate:1.331), (morbid:1.21), (mutilated:1.21), (tranny:1.331), mutated hands, (poorly drawn hands:1.5), blurry, (bad anatomy:1.21), (bad proportions:1.331), extra limbs, (disfigured:1.331), (missing arms:1.331), (extra legs:1.331), (fused fingers:1.61051), (too many fingers:1.61051), extra fingers, fewer fingers, (unclear eyes:1.331), lowers, bad hands, missing fingers, extra digit,bad hands, missing fingers, (((extra arms and legs))),(bad eyes:1.2), (misfigured pupils:1.2), (bad clothing:1.3), (undetailed clothing:1.3), (nonsensical backrounds:1.2), (bad backrounds:1.2), (bad shadows:1.2), (bad anatomy:1.1), blurry, blurry background, subtitled, (watermark:1.5), (chinese text:1.2), (korean text:1.2) easynegative badhandv4