Monica Geller | FRIENDS | 莫妮卡·盖勒 | 老友记: Friends_monica v1.0: Character-friends_monica_geller_v1.safetensors

老友记系列之 莫妮卡。



推荐使用 ChilloutMix 底模。


steps: 28, sampler: DPM++2M Karras, CFG Scale: 8,lora权重0.8左右。

Monica Geller is a character of the well-known TV show F·R·I·E·N·D·S.

This is the first version that was trained with 60 photos.

The res is 512*768, which is suitable for upper body, close-up and portrait photo.

I'll keep working and updating.

ChilloutMix - Chilloutmix-Ni-pruned-fp32-fix | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai

is recommended.

Try using DPM++2M Karras with 28 steps and 8 of CFG Scale, Lora weight of 0.8 or lower.