Captain Power Style: Captain Power (Style): Captain_Power_Style.safetensors

SD 1.5 Model

Version 1

Earth, 2147. The legacy of the Metal Wars, when man fought machine and machines won. BioDreads, monstrous creations that hunt down human survivors.. and digitize them! Volcania, center of the BioDread empire, stronghold and fortress of Lord Dread, feared ruler of this new order.

But from the fires of the Metal Wars arose a new breed of warrior, born and trained to bring down Lord Dread and his BioDread empire. They were soldiers of the future, mankind's last hope. Their leader, Captain Jonathan Power; master of the incredible powersuits, which transform each soldier into a one-man attack force. Major Matthew "Hawk" Masterson, fighter in the sky. Lt. Michael "Tank" Ellis, ground assault unit. Sgt. Robert "Scout" Baker, espionage and communications. And Corporal Jennifer "Pilot" Chase, tactical systems expert. Together, they form the most powerful fighting force in Earth's history. Their creed: to protect all life. Their promise: to end Lord Dread's rule. Their name:
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future!

This Lora is mostly trained on the style of the show which ran between 1987-1988, so you wont be able to accurately get the actors, but you can recreate the powersuits and most of the costumes they wore and the environments. Soaron and Blastarr can be generated, and
if you're lucky you can digitize some human survivors. Overmind got an upgrade lol.
Clip Skip 2, strength between 0.8 and 1.0. I used Photon and Juggernaut for my examples.

Hope you like it!