SD15 Turbo LCM + Controlnet

Kornesh Kanan
Kornesh KananPRO
3 months ago



lcm-lora-sdv1-5 LCM model goes here to increase quality ------------------------------------------------------>

Use sd 1.5 VAE model here ------------------------>

depth controlnet model for sd 1.5 required ----------------------------------------------------->

Tested on a 4090, if it's too slow change resolution to the right here. ---------------------------------------->

Controlnet strength here to the right and the lora's you want to use go below, set strength to 0 to turn loras off.

Steps affect speed and quality, max is 10 ------------------------------------------------>

Change the noise_seed above to get similar images if you like something.The prompt below do something also if you enter something but not too sure.

NOTE: YOU MUST ENABLE AUTO QUEUE UNDER EXTRA OPTIONS ON THE RIGHT UNDER QUEUE PROMPT FOR THIS TO WORK. Your prompt goes in the box below. It will update as you type in realtime.

Also I didn't know how to add negative prompt, please msg me if you do. Clear the queue if it gets too backed up, only tested on 4090.

low quality, blurry

a dragon women, cinematic lighting, 8k


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