Artist: ももこ/Momoko: v1.1: style_ももこ.safetensors

First version plus.

ももこ Style LoRA V2

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权重建议值:1 (or 0.5~1.2)




  • 肢体拟合:92%

  • 人物拟合:102%

  • 构图拟合:85%

  • 技法拟合:112%

其他的一些建议:EasyNegative, badhandv4。此外,万一畸形四肢换个种子重画就行。

The LoRA model mimics Momoko's painting style.

Recommended weight value: 1 (or 0.5~1.2)

Based on model: Anything-5RE

Training information: A total of 330 paintings (including cropped images) with 1440 iterations.

Fitting ratio:

  • Motion fitting: 92%

  • Character fitting: 102%

  • Composition fitting: 85%

  • Technique fitting: 112%

Other recommendations: EasyNegative, badhandv4. Moreover, in case of distorted limbs, try starting over with a different seed.



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