Hairstyles Collection: Princess Leia: side_buns_hairstyle.safetensors

Very easy to use, just prompt the keyword with 1.3 or less weight.

Model weight adviced: 0.5


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Recommended settings

  • Make sure you are aware on the usage instructions of LORA

  • Sampler: DPM++ SDE Karras (Recommended for best quality, you may try other samplers)

  • CFG Scale : 5 to 10

  • LORA weight for txt2img: reccomended 0.2-0.5.


My advice is to start with posted images prompts then change them, in any case you will find different keywords for each model (wich should be used with a weight of 1.2-1.3).

Also in version description on the right you will find more details about each hairstyle model.


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