Shygal / Shy Gal (minus8): v3: shygalv3.safetensors

I redownloaded my venv folder and realized the lora was made wrong the first time, so I remade it.


All images shown are raw generations.

FOR ANYONE USING THE ON-SITE GENERATOR AND NOT RUNNING SD LOCALLY: AbyssOrangeMix3 does not seem to be available on the list of usable models, but you can use "AnyOrangeMix - Anything + AbyssOrangeMix" which is a hybrid of AOM3 and AnythingElse v4.5. This is your next best option if you want good results.

Recommended strengths are from 0.7-0.9, and I used Euler a as my sampler. Its able to do most color combinations of hair and hoodies, and it can even do a few different hair styles (so long as they work within a hoodie, so a ponytail wouldn't work for example). It can also do some simple facial expressions, such as narrowed eyes and smiling, but you need to emphasize it quite a bit. Trained on AOM3, and that is highly recommended for generations. I did however realize that AOM3 is not very good with penises, but you can always use other loras/inpaint to patch up any weird dicks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


EasyNegative, bad_prompt Negative Embedding, Bad artist Negative embedding, negative_hand Negative Embedding, Deep Negative V1.x, veryBadImageNegative, badhandv4

(note: I am not sure how or if negative embeddings work with the on-site generator, if they don't work, then sorry)


mask, eyelashes, sleeves past wrists, (round eyes, wide eyes), (faceless), black eyes, no nose, [[belt]], (<INSERT COLOR> hair, (<INSERT COLOR> hood), <INSERT COLOR> skirt, hood, <INSERT COLOR, WHITE WORKS BEST> thighhighs, <OPTIONAL> garter belt, garter straps)
Negative prompt: (realistic, lip, nose, tooth, rouge, lipstick, eyeshadow:1.0), eyebrow, eyebrows

Remove tags when applicable. For example, if you're making a butt-focused image, I would remove the skirt part of the tags, as it might not generate correctly. Some poses will not work with a garter belt, such as sitting. If you want narrowed eyes, replace (round eyes, wide eyes) with ((narrowed eyes)).