Perfect Lewd Fantasy World - PLFW: v1.2: perfectLewdFantasyWorld_v12.ckpt

Really pleased with the few additional merges here, if you're looking for more substance for your prompts!

Added some architecture and cartoon-ish merges at a low strength to help broaden the spectrum of generations.

Amazed by the amount of support and downloads so thank you very much!! Let me know how you like it! <3

It is as it sounds like. The name alludes to the custom merge of "Perfect World" and "Fantexi" models which I found to give some amazing visuals. Share with me your creations!

WARNING: This is definitely NSFW prone, but also multi-purpose and generally most prompts will work, especially if it involves women.



  • Added in some more clothing options as well as fantasy merges for easier and more diverse character creation

Usage Tips

This merge works great (imo) with the DPM++ X line of samplers, but you can also get great results with the classic euler a and sometimes DDIM.

Current issues

  • Toes and sometimes eyes (Using bad hands or negative prompts helps!)

Future Plans

  • I intend on fixing the feet and eye issues by fine tuning the training

  • Training lora characters from this merge

If you have any questions, feedback or even tips they are all happy to be received and well appreciated!! Stable Diffusion and image generation is very intriguing to me and would love to network with the amazing people here. <3