Kadabura - Artist Style: 2.5D: kadabura_25D-54.safetensors

If you enjoyed this model, why don't you check out my other works? I put a lot of effort into correctly recreating artist styles and making the occasional character LoRA.😊

This model was trained using the collab/guide by holostrawberry [Guide] Make your own Loras, easy and free - colabs | Stable Diffusion Other | Civitai

Checkpoint used in examples:

model.ckpt · a1079602570/animefull-final-pruned at main (huggingface.co)

The model was suggested by @ComradePedro

I am once again open for suggestions for other styles, SFW and NSFW.

You can always drop model suggestions in the comments, both for styles that are missing on civit or those that are outdated. No guarantees but if it interests me I'll give it a go.

About the artist:

Twitter: Kadabura (@KadaburaDraws) / X (twitter.com)

Official Website: About — Kada✩bura (kadaburadraws.com)

Kadabura utilizes multiple different artstyles. From pixelart, mostly used for game sprites, to 2.5D and 2D art which tends to use a very limited palette or is completely monochrome.

A large part depicts different creatures and there is a certain horrific quality to them, including the angels.

Weights & Prompts

The 2.5D version used game screenshots and a limited dataset. It's extremely inflexible and looks overtrained although it isn't.

At higher weights characters look almost robotic.

The activation prompt is:


Use a weight of 0.7-1.0. You can go a lot higher for the stylized 2D model. Adjust to taste and depending on your checkpoint. Lower weights generally work better for when using other checkpoints.

As usual I have included an XYZ plot for reference.

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