High Profile Implants: v1.0: hugefaketits1-000006.safetensors


Yeah, there are already several fake tits loras/embeddings on here. But I wanted to make one on my own conditions.

- I manually selected and tagged the images for the training myself
- I only chose images where there was no "slope" above the breast (like natural breasts, more natural looking implants and sagging implants have)
- I included images of not just photos but also a few skteches, cartoon style, digital art, 3d renders. That should make the lora more versatile

Main tags are "big breasts" and "fake tits" which have shown to greatly impact the result compared to not using them.

You may also want to experiment with "side view, cleavage, plunging neckline, topless, exposed breasts, exposed nipples, tight, skintight, thick lips, pouty lips"

Feel free to share your creations!