Fantexi_v0.9Beta: 饭特稀_v0.8c: fantexiV09beta_V08c.safetensors

more anime

mix of many models, VAE is baked,good at NSFW



Denoising strength: 0.55,

Clip skip: 2,

ENSD: 31337,

Hires upscale: 4,

Hires steps: 15,

Hires upscaler: R-ESRGAN 4x+,

Eta: 0.68

2023.3.19 update


Two additional versions were added, 0.8a being more realistic and 0.8c being more anime

2023.6.13 update


Update test version 0.9, this version is very unstable, it is a test of the player's proficiency in using negative keywords, to achieve the effect of the example image, you need to download the required lora, necessary face repair plug-ins and dynamic threshold plug-ins, this version no longer bakes VAE, but Personally, I recommend using vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned. All the example pictures are generated by this VAE. After testing, this version is prone to hand and foot collapse and clothing oversimulation. It is recommended to use related lora to cooperate with it. All picture parameters Can be directly dragged into the SD image browser to view related parameters



About image blur

Please use controlnet to zoom in and repair the blocks. If this still doesn’t help you, you can continue to zoom in with the aid of foreign aid. Players with poor computers are recommended to use Topaz and Upscayl for zooming in. Upscayl is currently free and very fast. Related tutorials It can be found on YOUTUBE and BILIBILI. There are many video bloggers explaining how to use contronlnet. In addition, the image settings should also follow the example image parameters as much as possible and do not change at will. Generally, only DPM++SDE is used for image sampling. Super resolution zoom-in algorithm please Use 4x-UltraSharp, of course other algorithms can also be tried by yourself


If you don’t read such a long introduction, anyone who asks in the comment area will be dragged out and beheaded