CompassionMix: v3.0: compassionmix_v30.safetensors

My biggest mistake was not coming up with the idea of combining v1 and v2.

I got a very good result with characteristics just in between.

CompassionMix_v10 (0.5) + CompassonMix_v20 【MBW WRAP12】

Apr. 14

This is a minor update.

I adjusted the color. (Magenta+)


A model based on the concept of a warm smile.

Details for each version have been moved to "About this version" on the right.

Borrowed the following great models, VAE and Lora, for the merge.


Recommended prompt: ":d"😊

My favorite settings

Prompt: (best quality:1.4), ultra detailed
Negative prompt: (worst quality, low quality, monochrome:1.5)
Sampler: Euler a, DPM++ 2M SDE Turbo
Steps: 15, 20, 24
CFG Scale: 5~9
Resolution: 512x512, 512x768, 600x800, 960x540, etc.
Clip skip: 2

"Hires. fix" is effective.

Denoising strength: 0.35~0.5
Upscaler: 4x-AnimeSharp, R-ESRGAN 4x+ Anime6B
Upscale by: 1.5~2.5

In some cases, the extension "ADtailer" also gives good results.

adetailer by Bing-su


About permissions

All are inherited from the merge source.


Thank you for reading to the end.

I would be happy to contribute to someone's happiness....






Thank you so much for all the downloads and ♡.

I only mixed them....


"Compassion" is the moral that my late mother taught me.