Big Centaur Lora SD1.5: Centaurs lying 0.3: centaurs_0,3_lying.safetensors

Lying girls

Hello everyone again!

I am glad to present you my old SD 1.5 model for centaurs. I trained this model back in 2023 sometime in the summer. This model can make centaurs in different poses and angles, you can also choose any horse body color, breast size, hair color and more. Unfortunately, this model cannot make popular characters, only random girls.

Important: this model can make girls standing or in motion, the angles from behind will be very bad. Also, this model will not force girls to lie down. In this case, I highly recommend that you use my Lora addons.

Do not expect anything special from this model, because it is already a very old thing, but nevertheless it is an extremely useful model if your system is not strong enough to pull SDXL models.

This model was trained on DreamShaper 8, so this model will have the best results. But personally, I highly recommend Lyriel 1.6, this is my favorite SD 1.5 model.

This Lora was trained on 768x768

This is the real quality of the work of this model. All images were generated on the assembly of Automatic 1111, with hires. fix.

I will also be very grateful if you decide to support me on Boosty. It really motivates me to make new models: