BeautyFool AniReal: v1.0: beautyfoolAnireal_v10.yaml

I combined an anime-style model I developed with a realistic-style model. The result was so good that it surprised me, so I wanted to share this model with you. The result is a mixture that looks realistic but maintains the spirit of anime. Depending on the negative and positive prompts you write, it may tend towards the anime style or realistic style. It gives better results at higher resolutions. I recommend using "hires fix" at low resolution. I prefer to use "after detailer" instead of "restore faces" to improve faces. Although I have achieved very successful results in NSFW promts, I do not publish such examples. But you can try it yourself. My model gives better results with clip skip 2, but you can also experiment with clip skip 1. I would be very happy if you try it and share your results. Also, I wouldn't say no to a coffee :)

Note: I recommend using Vae to get clearer images.

Note2: For me, all sampler methods except "Euler a" cause problems, especially with faces and eyes. This is true not only for the models I developed but for all models. I couldn't find the reason and solve this problem. That's why I recommend using "Euler a" as a sampler method in the models I develop. If you use other sampler methods, using "adetailer" will help you get better faces and expressive eyes.