Hatsune Miku (Depicted by Shiika sadamasa [Animated music video]): v1.0: Miku (shiika sadamasa depicted)LORA.safetensors

128 image dataset

Source: here

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Stumbled upon this, like the spin put on the character design, took a whole bunch of screen shots from the music video, bam; somewhat decent lora #humble. Now I have ptsd

The models I make are tested for resolutions at or under 512 (Not by choice), results may be different (Probably better) with higher resolutions. Ref images are in the lower/the same quality as well.


  1. 1girl, blue hair, hatsune miku, medium breasts, petite, pig tails, blue eyes,

  1. Lora is pretty flexible with weights ranging between 0.5-0.7

That's all. I got another Skylander one in the works because apparently, I still missed a few...hundred