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Nothing of note.

General instruction: use "red theme" to have hell, but hell can have others color too, up to you :D

Shit ton of leaking hair ornament :D

Sixth Lazy Style Lora.

Based on 582 image dataset of specific style.

Hell themed, obviously. 100% SFW, believe it or not, cuz again, MJ-generated.

Generally, this is not supposed to be used for anythin complex, because it was not tagged in a way to be, but you still can try and show me your results :3

Produces cute demon girls in combo with S12 <3 -

GPTS Lazy Styles will have a lot of bleed, lower than average editability(but better than it was in GPTS1)

If you want it to be editable and still have some style effect, try weight from 0.5 to 0.75. That should make it editable and still be looking good :D
Maybe in this case you do want weight to be lower, as this particular one is usually abstract in backgrounds, and you will have hard time fighting leaks, because of dataset size.

Generally, this dataset processing used my custom tag filtering experiment, testing of which on GPTS1 led to increased editability, so, it might not be as hard to edit this one, but still, main purpose is just to get that bit of "wow" effect style.

Lighter version might be available later.