Fawn - (Disney Fairies) Tinker Bell Movie: v1.0: FawnFromTinkerbellMovie_v10.safetensors

Fawn is a talented animal fairy and one of the main characters of the Disney Fairies franchise. She is the closest to Tinker Bell in personality and expresses her desire for her to be happy, which she suggests is into tinkering. Like all fairies, she is a vegetarian due to her strong love for all animals.

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For my pictures I used "ReV Animated" as Model

Trigger Word: Fawn

Best LoRA prompts:

  • Extra Networks Multiplier for this LoRA set to "0.6" Gives the best results in my opinion

  • Fawn, long wings, brown clothes, extra long ponytail, pointy ears, brown eyes,

I trained with 262 images, about 1/3 with full body images 2/3 closeups from all angles. For the training I mainly used screenshots from the Tinkebell Movies and a few pictures from the internet. For people wondering her look was changed in the last TinkerBell movie "Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast". Have her look completely based on the last movie in this LoRA.

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