Mercedes Vicious: Mercedes Vicious:

Mercedes Vicious is from the Vicious family. They are nice people and gave birth to a lot of pretty daughters, the best about them is... they are entirely fictional.
WORKS BEST WITH THE TRUALITY ENGINE and was specifically trained to achieve optimal results with the V3 version. Test it and share your feedback.

DISCLAIMER: All Models released under the Vicious Family are fictional, I can not know every person, every actor, every influencer in the world and resemblances are purely coincidental. While it is possible that I take inspiration from a look that I like, I have not, not will I ever use any of their original fotos to create a resemblance on porpuse. All my models are either entirely created by prompts and trained on the results or mixed with body parts, facial features of 2 female friends who have consented in writing for their images being used in my process. If anyone feels that one of my models resembles a celebrity, actress or influencer and feels concerned about it, please leave a comment, I will take it to the person, management or representative directly.