[Love Live!]Yuki Setsuna優木せつ菜 Character and Costume: DIVE!: A_Yuki Setsuna Dive2.safetensors

Hi! This is Love Live! Nijigasaki School Idol Club Anime Style Yuki Setsuna LoRA. I have created each costume based on the outfits that appeared in anigasaki and sukusta. Please use the version that best suits your purpose.

Weight : 0.6~0.8

Trigger Word : Yuki Setsuna

Additional Tags : one side up

About each versions

WSU for winter nijigasaki school uniform. (Tags : jacket, long sleeves)

SSU for summer nijigasaki school unifrom. (Tags : short sleeves)

Nakagawa Nana for 中川菜々mode. (Tags : glasses)

CHASE! - Tags : chase dress

DIVE! - Tags : dive dress, navel

INOW - Tags : inow dress

If you use my model, Live Anime Mix, you can make it look more like an anime style.

Live Anime Mix 2D is more suitable for the LoRA.

Live Anime Mix Flat may not work with LoRA.

You can check the images on my Twitter and Pixiv.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Lindiriel

Pixiv: http://pixiv.net/users/4162086