Xerah | King's Raid (Character Lora) [PonyXL]: PonyXL - v1.0: xerahkr-ponyXL-bshi-v1.safetensors

Initial upload

Xerah, the Herald of the Blood Moon from King's Raid

trained on Pony Diffusion, strength varies from 0.7-1.0, recommended strength is 0.9, lower accuracy if you're trying to make something specific in term of outfit/view/etc

training done locally with Prodigy, 8 epochs, 18 images, 5 steps for a total of 784.

trigger word is xerahkr.

additionnal tags:

  • short hair, streaked hair, black hair - helps getting her right(sometimes it'll do white with black streaks for no reason)

  • short black dress, choker, purple gemstone, black gloves, puffy sleeves, black sleeves, detached sleeves, see-through, black footwear, high heels - her "default" outfit

  • medium breasts - "accurate" size (I don't judge)

negative tags:

(none specific)

few things:

It's not perfect and could be a bit more flexible but it does the job well 95% of the time

dataset: 4 fanarts(including crop), 0 images from the official concept art(including crops), 9 images from in-game illustrations(including crops), 5 images from in-game screenshots(including crops)