Win_Variation(umamusume): v1.0: win_variation_V1.safetensors

SD 1.5 Model

test ver. quick learning model.

Depending on the response, we will make it private after a certain period of time.

If we find any images that violate the guidelines for secondary productions of Uma Musume using this model, we will also suspend the publication of this.

About this version LoRA of win_variation\(umamusume\).

Please set the file according to your operating environment.

All of my works is free.

If you support us, we may support a high quality version or additional costumes.

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When using the data, please comply with the guidelines for derivative works of "Uma Musume Pretty Derby".

See or bottom of this page for details.

Recommend options

  • LoRA weight 0.6~0.8

  • Trigger words

    • base

      • win_variation\(umamusume\)

    • Racing costume :

      • black gloves, pantyhose, gloves, horse ears, horse tail, black footwear, brown pantyhose, bangs, smile, frills, dress, shoes, sleeveless, black pantyhose, white skirt, hair between eyes, skirt, bare shoulders, hair ornament, low twintails, high heels, hair over one eye, bow, hand up, sleeveless dress, very long hair

    • Race buruma :

      • horse tail, horse ears, sneakers, shoes, hair ornament, shirt, short sleeves, hair over one eye, white shirt, looking back, hairclip, twintails, ear covers, low twintails, buruma, pantyhose, white pantyhose, light blue shoes, gym uniform

    • School Swimsuit :

      • tracen swimsuit, feathers hair ornament, ear cover, swimsuit, school swimsuit, horse ears, smile, collarbone,horse tail, hair between eyes, bangs, covered navel, closed mouth, hairclip, low twintails, hair bow

    • Tracen school uniform long:

      • tracen school uniform, school uniform, thighhighs, horse ears, shoes, hair ornament, twintails, long sleeves, outstretched arms, bow, brown footwear, white bowtie, white bow, bowtie, pleated skirt, spread arms, purple skirt, horse tail, feathers hair ornament, low twintails

    • Tracen school uniform short:

      • tracen school uniform, highhighs, horse ears, horse tail, white thighhighs, white skirt, bow, pleated skirt, short sleeves, bowtie, twintails, sailor collar, puffy sleeves, horseshoe ornament, sailor shirt, purple shirt, hair over one eye, summer uniform, brown footwear,shoes, hair ornament, low twintails, ear cover

    • Tracen school uniform coat:

      • horse tail, thighhighs, horse ears, smile, brown footwear, purple thighhighs, twintails, school uniform, low twintails, long sleeves, bangs, blue thighhighs, pleated skirt, loafers, standing, ear cover, feathers hair ornament, tail through clothes, hair bow

    • tracen training uniform buruma:

      • tracen training uniform, horse tail, buruma, horse ears, jacket, red buruma, track jacket, shoes, red jacket,sneakers, smile, hair ornament, white socks, socks, long sleeves, red footwear, bangs, hairclip, low twintails, ear cover, feathers hair ornament, ankle socks, red sneakers

    • tracen training uniform pants:

      • tracen training uniform,horse ears, horse girl, jacket, horse tail, shoes, pants, track pants, red footwear, sneakers, red jacket, red pants, hair ornament, long sleeves, hair between eyes, white socks, hair over one eye, tail through clothes, rolled up the pants, ankle socks, red sneakers

LoRA training info

And, special thanks to my best friend. DH.

Guideline for the creation of derivative works of "Uma Musume Pretty Derby

This is a guide to the guidelines for derivative works of "Uma Musume Pretty Derby".

Many of the characters in this work are based on real racehorses, and many people, including the owners of the horses whose names we have borrowed, have cooperated with us to make this work possible.

Please refrain from using expressions that may offend fans of the racehorse motifs, horse owners, and related parties, as well as expressions that significantly damage the image of the racehorse or character.

Specifically, please refrain from publishing creative works in "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" that meet the following conditions

Any work that is intended to harm the ideas or honor of the work or a third party.

Material that is violent, grotesque, or contains sexual depictions.

Excessive support for or discrediting of specific politics, religion, or beliefs

Antisocial expressions

Those that infringe on the rights of third parties

These guidelines have been established in consultation with the management company of the horse's name.

If any of the above applies, we may have no choice but to consider legal action.

These guidelines are not intended to deny the fan activities of "Uma Musume" supporters.

We have established these guidelines so that you can engage in fan activities with peace of mind, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Please note that we will not respond to individual inquiries regarding these guidelines.

The Uma Musume Project will continue to support racehorses and their activities together with everyone so that the dignity of these famous horses will not be compromised.

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