MatureMergeholicsMix: WillsAdventure: maturemergeholicsmix_willsadventure.safetensors

SD 1.5 Standard Model

I. The Intro

Hi gais! Did you miss me? Whatever your answer is - the feeling is mutual!

We're gathered here today, for yet another grand unveiling of a brand-new checkpoint merge! But before we get to the festivities - a few words from our sponsor... Me, that is.

II. The Versions

It's been a long trip up to this point and the version list is getting kinda big, so I need to be a little more serious about it and explain what's what. Buckle up!

WillsAdventure - SUCCESS! A very good and pretty 2.5D model leaning realism. Made on Airfuck's Wildmix base with reasonable success of integrating ewolf's male anatomy and replicating strong img2img!

OhMenWildMixAlsoStratusMaybe - FAILURE! Predecessor to WillsAdventure, that wasn't particularly interesting and ended up being quite stiff. Img2Img was super weak. Strong sides? Well it's a little more realism leaning than WillsAdventure and that's about it.

MatureMergeholicsMix - FAILURE! First in line of attempts of working on MatureMaleMix - improving its male anatomy and img2img. It's still a VERY strong and versatile model. Can do a lot of things and plenty of styles. But aesthetics is just not there. Guys generated don't make me giggle in excitement :frownyface: Img2Img, while somewhat better than MatureMaleMix, did not end up rubbing me in the right way. There were also anatomy issues due to loras being in the mix (Protip: if you're generating lying down characters and getting upsidedown body horror anatomy, try adding (upside-down, knees up:1.5) to Negative Prompt)

Phew! That was a lengthy one... I'm talking about the list of course.

III. The Checkpoint

And now, ladies and gentlegays I bring you the newest word in penile generative technology - MatureMergeholicsMixMarkII!

Well, the penile part is actually not new at all. It's the same thing as all the other versions. Prompt 'nude' - receive a cock. Inpaint it with detail for style points.

The rest is a little more interesting, though. This time around, MatureMaleMix 1.2 was used and NightSkyYozoraStyleModel! NightSkyYozora is based on MicoMix (that's no longer available I feel?) - both are very interesting models in such way, that they produce extremely detailed, very backgroundey and precomposed images with little prompting - full digital paintings if you will. I also went down MatureMaleMix history and grabbed version 1.2, mainly because it's also quite unique in it's own way - a lot more wild, than streamlined version 1.4 (quality is a little weak tho).

Now if you like merging, I can tell you right now that MatureMaleMix 1.2 and NightSkyYozora half and half mix is very good and extremely interesting to generate (it's like NightSkyYozora but with cool male characters, instead of girly MicoMix leftovers).

Buuuuuut, I need models with good male anatomy so I still added ewolfs genital weights, which just like before, evaporated Niji faces.

In the end, the new model looks very similar to every other version before - has a bit of a same face to it - but MatureMaleMix vibe and partial 2D lean is certainly there.

From what I generated so far, for previews, it's a lot prettier than Version 1. It's very posy and composy xD because of NightSkyYozora, so generating simple prompts has a lot of variety. One situationally negative thing I noticed is, that guys are generally on the mature side (27+), mainly because MatureMaleMix 1.2 has older guys in it.

And there you have it. This was our little public introduction. Now grab the new checkpoint and get acquainted personally!

4. The Fanmail

I'm also adding fan mail section, this time around!

696969pussydestroyer696969 wants to know, if I'm interested in penis enlargement medication. The answer is - no, thanks, I'm ok.

billy89 is inquiring, why can't he replicate preview images with this checkpoint. Dear Billy, this is not a diffusion workflow guide, you'll have to learn about VAE, Samplers, Resolution, HiResFix, Upscaling, Inpainting and Img2Img somewhere f*cking else.

huanchan wrote - "BAD MODEL 1 STAR YOU STUPID GAY". It's okay huanchan, if downrating homoerotic models is what brings joy and fullfillment to your life - have at it.

Aaaand that's about it for our today's fan mail.

As usual, good luck and have fun!