Jackalope Quick Silver: v0.78: jackalopeQuickSilver_v078.safetensors

SD 1.5 Standard Model

I did some alterations to make it more fleshed out, but, it needs more work to refine certain areas.

From this point, I need to make 3D base models to refine the shapes of each species, which I'll put up for free on my patreon and subscribestar, then build images and depth maps to get what I need design wise.

A model I made by using all the artwork I ever drew, all the 3d models I ever made, all the images I've generated through stable diffusion with permissions that let me use them how I wanted.

The main highres option i use is lanczos at low hires steps, around 20 and 50 or 45 denoising strength, everything outside of that I'm not sure about the quality.

Basically gathered up all the best stuff I had ever put together, built them up in loras then force merged them into the 1.5 model with SuperMerger.
Not gonna lie this feel like a brute forced method, but it works so I can't complain.

I'll be looking into what people use it for and how it's used to keep improving it in the future using the same method.