(SDXL: A3)MIHOYO Collection 米家全家桶 (Honkai Impact 3rd | Honkai Star Rail | Genshin Impact | Zenless Zone Zero): 黄泉-Acheron: hquan-A3-Tanger-000014.safetensors

原皮(def):huangquan, def clothe, 1girl, long hair, purple eyes, purple hair, hair over one eye, thighhighs, breasts, boots, black gloves, blacks horts, cleavage, ( left single sleeve), long sleeve,

白毛(white):whuangquan, white hair, asymmetrical clothes, 1girl, breasts, long hair, red eyes, hair over one eye,navel,bangs,cleavage, bloody hand, single glove, ( left single sleeve), long sleeve,

一个面向米哈游角色的 SDXL(A3) 模型合集~A collection of SDXL(Pony) loras for MIHOYO Characters~本合集基于Animagine XL训练,其他版本合集可以点击这里:SD1.5 | Pony

~This collection is based on Animagine XL training. For other versions of the collection, you can click here: SD1.5 | Pony
对应人物tag记录在版本信息里,可在右侧“About this version”选项中查看。The corresponding character prompts are recorded in the version information and can be viewed in the "About this version" option on the right.

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崩坏三 Honkai Impact 3rd:

原神 Genshin:

崩坏:星穹铁道 Honkai Star Rand:

绝区零 Zenless-zone-zero:

其他 Others: