Burger-Mix [Soft Pastel Anime Model]: Burger-Mix [Original - SafeTensors]: burgerMixSoftPastel_burgerMixOriginal.safetensors

Safetensors Version

((((A + B(0.4)) + C (0.2)) + (D + E(0.4)) (0.12)) + F (0.1))

A : AbyssOrangeMix

B : PowerColor V2

C : PowerColor V1

D : f222

E : insta

F : Pastel-Mix

Please click on the picture for a good quality illustration.

It's a Merge Model based with AbyssOrangeMix.

This model can make pastel-toned and sofe illustrations. So if you want to create hard and overly realistic illustration, you should pass this model.

I recommend using this setting for your fine illustrations.