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A long awaited comeback with the next installment in my Based mixes merges, nothing much to say about this merge only that I focused on ensuring that LORA compatibility was still great while normal generations had a particular style with the faces.

Based67 was made with more traditional merging compared to Based66 using MBW. Future versions made will be released if there's any issues I didn't have time to output so feel free to comment them.

Future Notes

If there's no issues with this version of the model Based68 won't be released until I fully understand the usage of Vpred and zSNR and can easily implement it with my next Based merge.


I've just recently returned to my AI image generation activites so a lot of the online platforms I used are dormant but my Ko-Fi is available for any donations, my Linktree has all my other social media platforms if you wish to visit them, otherwise I may still be very dormant with any of my AI activities but I will be keeping a close eye on feedback regarding this mix to see what I can fix.