Virtual Goddess: Vilde: v1.0: ZM_vilde.safetensors

This is an embedding of a woman that I've generated consistent faces of thru SD and decided to make into an embedding for easier access in the future. It uses a mere 5 tokens.

I intend to create a series of embeddings for "fake" (but photorealistic) women as a solution to the "same face" phenomenon. Please be on the lookout for future releases with the "Virtual Goddess" keyphrase in the title (or follow me.)

Since this person doesn't exist in the real world, you can feel free to use it for commercial and/or NSFW work. Any resemblance to anyone in the real world is unintentional and coincidental.

I've also provided a collection of various embeddings in my "Virtual Goddess" series along with a wildcard file (for the Dynamic Prompts addon) which you can use to pick an embedding at random in my Virtual Goddess SD 1.5 Female Face Pack. Note this may be updated periodically so the latest Virtual Goddess releases may not always be present.