Hyper Furry Muscles: v1.0 alpha: HyperFurryMuscles-V5-alpha1.safetensors

SD 1.5 Model

Start Trigger words: hyper muscles, bulky muscles, thick arms, thick thighs, large pectorals

works well with BB95 FurryMix and FurryArt Model

is consistent most of the time and more so when you are specific, I will improve it over time, trained with Hollowstrawberry's Lora Trainer Based on the work of Kohya_ss and Linaqruf in google collab

v1 use as a base the Yiffymix Furry Model v35 by chilon249 YiffyMix - v35 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai

v2 use as a base the BB95 Furry Mix v13 by Bumblebee95 BB95 Furry Mix - v13.0 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai


my prompt base: a muscular anthropomorphic furry, furry male, male focus, "color" fur, muscular male, hyper muscles, huge muscles, hyper huge muscles, bulky muscles, huge biceps, hyper huge biceps, biceps, thick arms, thick thighs, huge thighs, thighs, huge legs, thick legs, huge pectorals, large pectorals, pectorals, tail, obliques, animal ears, ("place" setting:1.2), (feralfoot, pawpads), good anatomy, nude, giant, solo, 1boy, "creature" boy, furry, fangs, "3d:0.4" <-- (Optional)

my negative prompt base: (worst quality, low quality:1.3), low res, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, bad art, extra digits, fewer digits, cropped, signature, watermark, username, blurry, blender, blind, blurred, bad eye, lips, large head, letterbox, mutated hands, mutation, mutilated, malformed, amputee, extra fingers, fused fingers, too many fingers, bad composition, inaccurate eyes, extra limbs, deformed face, cloned face, deformed, deformed hands, deformed feet, disfigured, floating penis, colored sclera, poorly drawn, simple background, ugly, sketch, cut off, humanoid, human, (deformed muscles:1.2)