Haruka Nanami | Uta no Prince-sama: v1.0: CHAR-HarukaNanami.safetensors

SD 1.5 Model

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A weight of ~1.0 is recommended (You might want to adjust the weight depending on your model).
Feel free to experiment with other weights and share your results if you want to!

Please use the following prompts:

Base appearance (for custom outfits):

HarukaNanami, short hair

School Uniform:

HarukaNanami, short hair, plaid dress, blue blazer, red bowtie, black pantyhose

"Military" Uniform:

HarukaNanami, short hair, peaked cap, military uniform, epaulettes, black necktie, white jacket, white skirt, thigh boots

Black Dress with fedora:

HarukaNanami, short hair, fedora, black dress, long sleeves, blue necktie, belt, black gloves

Let me know if you have any issues.