metal tassel 2: v1.0: 0291 metal tassel 2_v1-000003.safetensors

The weight recommendation is 1, lower the weight, and please give weight to other prompt words.

Before I made this lora, I thought it should be the same as the chain costume I made before, and this time it would improve the learning rate. However, after the finished product came out, I was not very optimistic, especially the chain on the belly, which was very sparse.

It's basically reproduced. I increased the existing learning rate a little bit and it fit in the first round. At my current level, it's almost there and I need expert guidance. Ha ha

The graph uses the final version and the version from the previous round. The reproduction is almost the same. The final version is a bit overfitting, so I uploaded it. If there is a final version of lora in the legend, please ignore it.

I tested some realistic, 2.5D, and two-dimensional models. Compared with reproduction capabilities, two-dimensional and 2.5D are the kings. In terms of realism, they are average. There are also some realistic models that appear as bikinis, which is quite helpless. .

As a digression, I discovered that if the prompt word does not include nudity, it will easily turn into a swimsuit. If nipples are added to the prompt word, the nipple patch will disappear, and then the chain will have no connection points, and a lot of the chain will disappear. Haha, experts should have no problem with reproduction, but my drawing ability is really poor.